New app for Android

  • We now lauch a new version of our Android app. Now with the possibility to edit and save Office documents directly in the app.

    In 2016 we launched the possibility to edit and create documents and files i the different programs in Office Online through our web interface, and now it also possible in the mobile or tablet. As when using the web interface, the user needs an Office 365 account to use this feature as a business user. Otherwise, the app has not changed compared to the previous version, so users will feel right at home.

    The app is available for download here on our web page, and as an update in Play.

    Advania and Storegate signs deal on new cloud storage concept

  • Advania and Storegate recently decided on a unique concept for cloud storage – Storegate Enterprise. The layout of the concept is that Advania installs SOSA, the Storegate cloud storage platform, at a Swedish Advania data centre. This gives Advania the possibility to take full responsibility for services provided by Storegate towards their own customers.

    – Storegate supplies cloud serviced for safe storage of digital information, both branded Storegate and via so called White Label- solutions, where operators and service providers can offer Storegate applications using their own brands. However, the collaborative deal with Advania is something all new, this is our first external installation using the Storegate brand, says Matz Karlsson, CEO at Storegate.

    Since 2003, Storegate offers cloud services and applications for secure storage. Customers are found both in Scandinavia and globally, and range from small businesses to large companies – often and as in this case, service providers. As such, Advania specializes in a market with very high demands on access and security.

    – It’s complicated for us to reach large businesses with our services as they often choose a total IT partner, that sometimes even supply entire office concepts. In this concept, our services will be part of Advanias new cloud Portal Advania Marketplace. Being run entirely by Advania, with customer data stored at Advania data centres, the service is a natural part of their 24/7 service commitment.

    – It’s both exciting and fun having started this collaboration with Storegate, says Daniel Albertsson, Nordic Manager Cloud Services. Storegate offers a wide range of platform independent storage solutions and their sought-after Team gives businesses better control of both data and users, as it enables working directly in the cloud. A benefit especially when working with external partners and suppliers. And of course, it is a bonus that Storegate is an all-Swedish supplier of cloud services, Daniel concludes.

    For more information, please contact:

    Matz Karlsson, CEO, Storegate AB
    +46(0) 703-201401


    With 1000 employees in Sweden, Iceland, Norway and Denmark, Advania is one the largest and most wide ranged system administrators in northern Europe. Advania helps customers within IT-outsourcing, business systems, process automation, contact center, IT-infrastructure and integration with the explicit intent to be the most flexible and value-adding supplier on the market. For more information visit:

    Telia Lithuania expands cloud service offering

  • On February 1st, Telia Company merged its Lithuanian businesses into one, Telia Lietuva. One of the services offered, and that Telia now choses to expand, is Saugykla, cloud storage solutions supplied by the Swedish service and application provider Storegate.

    The merged operations are Teo, Omnitel and Baltic Data Center, and after becoming Telia Lietuva they are now updated with the Telia visual identity and logo.
    ­– Storegate has provided Teo with cloud services since 2012, and the fact that we are now trusted to be the service provider for the entire Lithuanian operation is of course something we are very proud of, says Matz Karlsson, CEO at Storegate AB.

    Since 2003 Storegate AB provide cloud based storage solutions on the global market working with companies of different sizes, and as in this case service providers.
    In this upgrade and expansion, Telia Lietuva has chosen to broaden their service offering with the Storegate services Sync and Map Drive, making these available for both businesses and consumers.


    For more information, please contact:
    Matz Karlsson, CEO, Storegate AB
    46(0) 703-201401



    Improved cloud backup software

  • Storegate AB now releases a new version of its backup software. This 3rd generation of the product since 2003 is called Online Backup 2.0 and the development has focused on improving the user experience.

    The big difference between the Storegate software and conventional backup services is that all information is stored in its original format. Thereby users that lose files due to a computer crash, theft, or any other reason, immediately can access their files in a usable format. Most backup software requires installation of recovery software or other methods of restoration of files to the original format when recovering a backup.

    ­– From the start in 2003, our philosophy has been to provide users a safe backup service that keep their data readily accessible in the cloud. We believe in simplicity for our customers and that no one should have to be an IT-technician to maintain his or her digital information safe, says Bertil Hedén, Business and Product development manager at Storegate AB.

    Online Backup 2.0 functions similarly to the predecessors, but provides a few new functions, features and improvements to give the user a better overview of the process and result. Except for the back-end technology not visible to the user, the new version among other things offers.:

    • A more user friendly appearance that is easier to navigate
    • Better monitoring and control of performed backup sets
    • Easier possibility to restore files

    The software will prompt users to update when the new version is available.

    For more information, please contact:
    Bertil Hedén, Business and Product Development Manager, Storegate AB
    +46 (0) 703-201402, bertil.heden[at]

    A Swedish cloud in the Australian sky

  • CSG, the leading provider of ‘Technology as a Subscription’ solutions across Australia and New Zealand, chose Storegates SOSA platform for their coming launch of cloud storage services.
    – We are proud to be selected as a provider to one of the largest service providers in Australia and New Zealand says Matz Karlsson, CEO at Storegate. (more…)

    Swedish reseller network expands

  • The number of Swedish IT professionals choosing to offer their customers cloud storage with Storegate is increasing and the network now stretches from the very south of the country to the most northern parts.

    Most resellers function as both supplier and support for small to medium size businesses and supply complete solutions. To Storegate, they are an important strenght when meeting the demands of a broad and varied market.

    – Even if most of our products are very easy to set up and manage it is a great support, especially for those who need help setting up a larger installation to backup server systems or managing large numbers of users for sharing and co-working with folders and files.

    Read the post in full. (Swedish only).

    A blue and yellow cloud – a part of our new identity

  • abisko-foer-nyhetsbrev_eng

    As of today, it is clearer to customers of Storegate that all files placed with the company are stored in Sweden, protected by Swedish law.

    Storegate is updating the company visual identity, which among other things brings a new logo. The new logo is part of a larger effort where we want to be clear about who we are, since this affects what we do. Neutrality and integrity are traditional Swedish values and they harmonize with what we stand for – secure storage with high integrity, and we think a blue and yellow cloud illustrates this well.

    As we clarify where we stand on integrity, we think it’s a good time to release an updated version of our privacy policy.
    The policy is our promise, and written declaration, of responsibility on how we handle the information you choose to share or store with us. It explains how we, on all levels, meet and excel the new policies from EU regarding, for example, involvement of third countries.

    Read a longer version of this article (only in Swedish) or read the updated Privacy Policy.

    Storegate invests 9 MSEK in ”Gränslöst svenskt” (≈ Swedish without borders)

  • On the swedish market, Storegate now launches a new communication concept describing the services the company provides and illustrating it’s values. “Gränslöst svenskt” roughly translates into “Swedish without borders”, and refers to the nearly limitless ways of using cloud services – and the traditional swedish neutrality and protection of integrity.

    Data storage and integrity are highly discussed topics in Sweden at the moment and in that context the aim of the concept is to strategically position Storegate, with it’s blue and yellow cloud, as the all swedish alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive.
    To reach the market the company has closed a deal with another actor, Aggregate Media, exchanging newly issued stocks for media placement in multiple channels. The value of the media investment measures up to 9 million SEK.

    From the left: Bertil Hedén, founder and business- and production development manager, Torbjörn Lindkvist, market manager, and founder and CEO, Matz Karlsson.








    Read the press release in full (swedish only)

    Skanova and Storegate expand cooperation

  • fiber_projekt

    Skanova, builder of the largest fibre network in Sweden, now chooses to expand the cooperation and usage of Storegate’s services. Read more (only in Swedish).

    Storegate opens sales office in London, UK. Mr. Martin Firth new employee

  • martin

    Storegate expands its operations and opens new sales office in London, UK. Storegate has recruited Mr. Martin Firth as a Global Sales Director of white label cloud storage services through partnerships with telcos, mobile carriers and ISVs. Martin is heading Storegate’s sales office in London.

    – Martin has extensive knowledge of the cloud storage industry gained with a number of companies over the last 10+ years. He will be a great addition to the team and has fantastic contacts throughout the industry, says Matz Karlsson, Storegate CEO at Storegate AB.

    Further information and contact details:

    Martin Firth
    Global Sales Director – Solutions
    Storegate AB
    +44 7834 205 153