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15,99 €

Per month

1 user

If you work individually, here's everything you need to store, share and work with files.


16,99 €

Per user and month

From 3 users

A solution for the entire team, for internal and external collaboration.

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Tailored solutions

From 10 users

Storegate's services are scalable and can be adapted to your business. Contact us for advice and cost estimates.

Basic functions Solo Multi
Storage space From 100 GB From 1 000 GB
Users 1 From 3 users
Work directly in the cloud Yes Yes
Synchronize files Yes Yes
Web interface Yes Yes
File sharing Yes Yes
File submission Yes Yes
Computer backup Yes Yes
Mobile Apps Yes Yes
Secure recycle bin Yes Yes
Office tools Solo Multi
Create Office files Yes Yes
Edit Office files online Yes Yes
Editing Office files in locally installed applications Yes Yes
Collaborate in Office files online - Yes
Outlook plugin for secure file sharing Yes Yes
App for Microsoft Teams Yes Yes
Collaboration tool Solo Multi
Administrator role - Yes
Permissions - Yes
Groups - Yes
File locking - Yes
Notifications on folders - Yes
Security Solo Multi
Encryption Yes Yes
End-to-end (E2EE) encryption capability Yes Yes
Sharing files with passwords Yes Yes
Two-step verification Yes Yes
Version management Yes Yes
Event log Yes Yes
Disconnect devices Yes Yes
Storage in Sweden Yes Yes
Supports GDPR Yes Yes
Support Solo Multi
Support Yes Yes
Additional services Solo Multi
Share files with BankID Contact us Contact us
Branding Contact us Contact us
Digital signing Contact us Contact us
Remote ID check Contact us Contact us
Extended access - Contact us

Digital signing

199 SEK

Per month

1 user

Secure and cost-effective digital signing that meets the requirements of the EU eIDAS Regulation for advanced signing.

  • 120 signatures/year (increase as needed)
  • 1 GB of storage space
  • Automatic export to your computer
  • Storage of files in Sweden
  • Support

Package solution?

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Tailored solutions

Multiple users

Storegate's services are scalable and can be adapted to your business. We can develop a package that fits your needs. Contact us for advice and cost estimates.

  • Automatic export to the explorer
  • Signature scheme
  • Multiple issuers (Storegate Multi)
  • Time-limited envelopes
  • Logging in to documents with BankID
  • Approved under the eIDAS Regulation
  • Change end date
  • Several parties can sign
  • Drag-and-drop upload
  • Import files from Storegate account
  • Create signatures in Outlook
  • Support for mobile use
  • Recall envelopes
  • Signature reminders 
  • Open envelopes as a copy (reuse)
  • 2-step verification
  • Advanced signature (PAdES format)
  • Qualified Signature (QES)
  • Signature with time stamp
  • Document review tracking (event log)
  • Touch screen signature
  • Long-term archiving (LTV)
  • Validation function with QR code 
  • Qualified Seal CA G2 Time stamp TSU1
  • Trust Service Provider (TSP, EUTL, AATL)
  • Document size up to 100MB
  • Up to 50 documents per envelope
  • E-mail invitation
  • Support for the roles of Reviewer and Signatory
  • Due dates and reminders
  • Sign on your mobile, tablet or computer
  • BankID to review and sign
  • Access control with e-ID
  • All data is stored in Sweden under Swedish law
  • Support
  • Branding with your own logo (additional service)
  • Upload handwritten signature
  • Archive function
  • Create signatures in Teams
  • SMS invitation


from 4995 SEK

Per month

Business Contingency Planning as a service ensures that important data such as files and databases are available when a business is hit by, for example, ransomware or a cyber attack.

  • Getting started without restore
  • Internal and external access
  • Secondary dormant environment
  • Storage of files in Sweden
  • Support

Backup server

38,99 €

Per month

1 user

Reliable backup of your company's Windows server. Modern data protection that ensures current and future data is secured in a Swedish cloud.

Backup server
Basic functions
Storage space From 200 GB
Users 1
Configurable backup profiles Yes
Automatic cleaning of backups Yes
Backup of local disks, network disks and WebDAV servers Yes
Backup of databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL Yes
Backup of application data Yes
Full, incremental and differential backup Yes
Backup via command prompt Yes
Manages open files with Volume Shadow Copy Yes
Plugins to facilitate backup Yes
Include and exclude filters Yes
Built-in scheduling Yes
Calendar view for backup overview Yes
Compression with Zip and 7z format Yes
Encryption with AES256, AES128 or Zip standard Yes
Selective or full reset Yes
Powerful archive management and search functions Yes
Detailed logging Yes
Log to file Yes
Log via email Yes
Logging to Windows logbook Yes
Security Backup server
Encryption Yes
Version management Yes
Storage in Sweden Yes
Supports GDPR Yes
Support Backup server
Support Yes

Safe Box

1490 SEK

Per month

10 users

120 signatures/year included

Digitize board work and manage all documents in one place, in a Swedish cloud service. Excellent for information that needs to be "locked in". Read more here.


79 kr

Per user and month

From 3 users

The service gives you access to effective tools to collaborate and secure documents or membership records digitally. Read more here.

The offer is valid when registering via this link for associations and foundations with an organization number starting with 7 or 8. Maximum of 10 users.

Additional services

Getting more out of Storegate

Add our additional services and gather all the important stuff in one place. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities with Storegate.

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0 kr

A user

250 GB

  • Backup of photos/videos in mobile
  • Mobile access via apps
  • Create and share photo albums
  • Storage in Sweden
  • Support


8,99 €/month

A user

From 250 GB

  • Backup of photos/videos in mobile
  • Mobile access via apps
  • Create and share photo albums
  • Storage in Sweden
  • Support


16,99 €/month

From 5 family members

From 500 GB

  • All included in Private
  • Safe storage for the whole family
  • Each member gets his own storage space with his own login
  • Automatic backup of family mobiles, tablets and computers