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Smart reminders

Monitor contracts, files and folders

Set a reminder on a file or folder and know when to manage contracts, terminations or documents.

Smart reminders for your files and folders

Contract monitoring and updating of files

With our Smart Reminders feature, you can easily monitor contract dates, notice periods and other business-related events. No more missed deadlines or delayed updates.

Choose between setting reminders for specific dates or have them recur regularly by week, month or year. Perfect for keeping your workday organized and efficient.

By using our Smart Reminders, you can focus on what's really important for your business, while avoiding wasting time manually keeping track of deadlines and updates.

Document management at Storegate
Web overview with a box to activate smart reminders on a file or folder.

Get structured with Smart Reminders

Stay on top of the essentials and avoid missing deadlines with smart reminders for files and folders.

  • Contract renewals: Get a reminder when it's time to renew contracts with suppliers, customers or partners to avoid business disruption.
  • Notice periods: Monitor notice periods for subscriptions, licenses or leases to avoid inadvertent extensions or penalties.
  • Updating documents: Get a reminder when it is time to update important documents, such as policies, manuals or templates.
  • Meeting preparation: Monitor folders with materials for upcoming meetings, presentations or projects to ensure that everything is prepared in good time.
  • Marketing campaigns: Get reminders to start, monitor and end marketing campaigns,
  • Project management: Get reminders for important deadlines, updates and milestones related to ongoing projects to ensure project progress and on-time delivery.

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