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Computer backup

Protect yourself against computer failure

Enable automatic backup of your locally stored files and protect your information from fire, viruses and ransomware.

Quick recovery in case of an accident.

Secure backup

By backing up all your content on your computer, you can make sure that all the information you've saved locally is backed up in the cloud.

If you accidentally delete the wrong file, have a computer breakdown or have your files stolen, you can quickly recover your files.

With Storegate, automatic computer backup is always included and can be installed and activated by anyone with a simple user interface.

Computer backup

Storage in Sweden under Swedish law

As a Swedish cloud service, we develop our own services and store all information in Sweden.

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When and why is computer backup needed?

By ensuring that you have backed up, i.e. copied and stored all your information in another safe and secure location, you can avoid losing your information in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, the risks of data loss are many and sometimes unexpected, but the most common are:

  • Fire or theft
  • Hard drive crash
  • Viruses or extortion software (ransomware)
  • Human factor such as accidental deletion of files

Easy data recovery

Restoring the information you saved in your backup is easy. Files are always saved in their original format and you can quickly access your data when you are logged in via the web. There are also features for version management, backup reports, notifications, etc.

Our computer backup software supports both Windows and Mac. No IT expertise is required to get started and make backups. You can schedule the backup based on your needs and all the data you store is encrypted both in transit and in the cloud. If you need to restore all or part of the backup, you can do it quickly in the software or via the web.