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About us

Swedish cloud services since 2003

Who are we?

Storegate AB is a Swedish company that provides cloud services where all data is stored on servers located in Sweden. We offer a wide range of simple cloud services that enable you and your business to secure, store, access, share and collaborate with digital information anywhere, anytime.

As a Swedish cloud service provider, we are subject to Swedish law, which gives you as a customer full control over your information. We are convinced that the need for confidentiality and integrity will grow in the future. We are therefore driven to meet and exceed future needs and security requirements in data storage in Sweden.

Storegate was founded in 2003, and the name was born from the concept of the storage gateway. The company is owned by Hawk Infinity Software, which aims to build a leading Nordic cloud services provider.

Why Storegate?

By using our Swedish cloud service for document storage or backup of important company files, you don't have to worry about foreign legislation and its possible impact, or the risk of your data being shared with third countries.

In order to guarantee full integrity, all information is stored in systems that are 100% owned by Storegate. The storage systems are located in Sweden and are thus regulated under Swedish law. This makes it significantly easier for Swedish companies when it comes to the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR and the Accounting Act or future data protection directives that Swedish companies must comply with.

We help you with secure storage and secure document management. Please contact us and we will tell you more!

Join us on our journey

Storegate is part of a Nordic initiative with a total of about 100 employees. With a strong commitment and common will, each employee contributes to creating Sweden's best cloud service.

Do you want to contribute to our continued success? Visit our careers page to see our current vacancies and learn more about what it's like to work with us. We are always interested in meeting new talent.

Management team

Axel Hermansen

Axel Hermansen


Mattias Jönsson

Mattias Jönsson


Lina Olsson

Lina Olsson

Finance and HR

Torbjörn Lindkvist

Torbjörn Lindkvist

Product development