Release Notes

Release notes for our web interface and extensions such as Storegate for MS Outlook, Storegate for MS Teams and Office Online.

SOSA 3.16

  • Upgraded search function in the web service, MS Teams and MS Outlook
  • Install the web service as Progressive Web App PWA
  • Improved public links dialogs with automatic copying to clipboard in the web service, MS Teams and MS Outlook
  • The mobile experience of the web service is more responsive and has been improved
  • Ability for admin to take over sub-user distributions
  • Admin can hide the media view for all users
  • Thumbnails on .DWG files
  • Support for macro-based excel files xlsm, ppsm, docm, pptm, xlsb in web service mode edit locally
  • Clearer info about which permission the user has in a folder on Shared Files
  • Improved experience for recipients of public links - select multiple items
  • Enter mobile number of sub-user
  • Storegate Signing: reviewers can be hidden from the list in the finished envelope (PDF file)
  • Ability to sign in read mode

SOSA 3.15

  • Save and add contacts in Storegate Signing
  • Send SMS as invitation in Storegate Signing
  • Importing PDF documents from Mina/Common files in Storegate Signing
  • Propose 2-step verification for new accounts
  • Improved Move/Copy/Restore/Import/Export dialogs
  • Possibility to prohibit public dividends on multi-accounts
  • The administrator role is more clearly marked in the Storegate web interface
  • The number of items listed in the file view is increased from 100 to 400.
  • Support for using Storegate in Microsoft Teams

SOSA 3.14

  • Improved functionality for recovering files from the Recycle Bin
  • Ability to deep link to folder/file in the Shared Files directory (Storegate Web Interface)
  • Upload image of signature (Storegate Signing)
  • Edit recipients in sent envelopes (Storegate Signing)
  • Automatic export of signed envelopes to My/Shared files
  • Choosing e-mail as the invoice method
  • Deactivate all tokens on a user with one keystroke

SOSA 3.13

  • Storegate for Microsoft Outlook launched (plugin)
  • New view for Mobile Camera that collects all media uploaded via Storegate mobile apps 4.0 and beyond (Storegate Web)
  • Reset 2-step verification for sub-users
  • Hiding the permissions dialog from subusers
  • Ability to disable editing of Office files via Office Online and locally installed Office package
  • New icons for Open document format
  • Updated dialogs for sharing folders and files with BankID verification

SOSA 3.12

  • Storegate Digital Signing launched
  • Open and edit Office files in the locally installed Office package from Storegate Web
  • Ability to brand the page for public distributions
  • Improved ZIP download of multiple items
  • Enable notifications when new events occur in folders on Shared Files
  • Ability to set full permissions on specific folder in Shared Files
  • Force sub-users to share files with higher security (BankID, password)
  • Storegate Brand customisation launched

Release notes for Storegate Cloud folder for Windows and Mac.

Version 4.13

  • Periodically update folder contents from the server for folders currently open in Finder (macOS)

Version 4.12

  • Persistent device letter support
  • Possibility to specify own name on device letter
  • Deep linking to My and Shared files
  • End-to-end encryption with Cryptomator Index files only in the background for previously opened folders

Version 4.11

  • Updated .NET Framework Installer (Windows)
  • Support for TLS v1.3
  • Faster transfer speeds when uploading many folders at once
  • Reduced interval for running local cache management Interoperability with macOS 13

Version 4.10

  • Implemented support for long-lived tokens
  • Maximum size per file has increased from 2 GB up to 100 GB
  • Changed from network folder to device letter Added support for managing multiple Storegate accounts

Version 4.0

  • New Storegate Cloud folder to be launched in 2020

Release notes for mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Version 4.0.2 (For Android 8 or later and iOS 15.0 or later)

  • New app launched with brand new design and support for better file management
  • Faster upload
  • Integrated in Android and iOS drive
  • Ability to scan and save directly to Storegate
  • Create and edit files directly in the app
  • Enable automatic camera upload
  • Access to personal favourites
  • Share files and folders with or without password and BankID verification

Release notes for Storegate Online Backup for Windows and Mac.

Version 3.3

  • Automatic cleanup from cloud server (Windows)
  • Implemented wizard to clean old files (Windows)
  • Support for Macs with Apple chips (macOS) Minor bug fixes

Version 3.2

  • Ability to get information on events, successful/unsuccessful uploads, files deleted locally, upload queue (Windows).
  • Missing path information
  • Upload individual files up to 100 GB (Subject to offer policy)
  • Scheduling and real-time backup
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.1

  • Support for Windows 10 and macOS 13
  • Upload individual files up to 100 GB (Subject to offer policy)
  • Summary of number of folders, files and backup file size
  • Updated .NET Framework Installer (Windows) Minor bug fixes

Version 3.0

  • New Storegate Online Backup launched
  • Support for OAuth/Open ID
  • Implemented new API for file transfer Ability to limit bandwidth for backup upload