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Work directly in the cloud

Work as usual, but in the cloud

It should be easy to access and work with your files in the cloud. With our Storegate Cloud Folder application, you get a folder in Windows Explorer/Finder where you can easily access your files just as you normally would.

Save and edit documents directly via the Explorer/Finder on your computer.

Work in multiple platforms

With Storegate Cloud Folder, you work in the cloud as if the files were on your own computer. The difference is that they are safely stored in a Swedish cloud and you can access them from anywhere.

By working directly in the cloud, you avoid taking up unnecessary space on your hard drive, all the information you have stored via the web or Explorer/Finder on your computer is safely stored in the cloud.

The Storegate Cloud Folder application is always included for business customers in our Swedish cloud service and supports Windows and Mac OS.

Cloud Folder

Storage in Sweden under Swedish law

As a Swedish cloud service, we develop our own services and store all information in Sweden.

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Get more space on your computer

Do you like the feeling of working with your files locally? Do you have large files that take up all your storage space on your computer? By working directly in the cloud with Storegate Cloud Folder, you can easily free up hard disk space.

Instead of having to compress folders that are too large to share with colleagues, Storegate Cloud Folder allows you to work on your documents in a common folder in Storegate's Swedish cloud.

Everyone in the company has access to the storage on Storegate via a folder in Windows Explorer/Finder. There, each employee can work with documents just as they normally would. The files are stored on Storegate's servers instead of locally on the user's premises and all that is required is an internet connection.

Collaborate in files

Working in files via Windows Explorer/Finder is convenient when you collaborate with others and always want access to the last saved version of a file. Should the file be occupied by someone else in your team, you can open it in read-only mode.

Everything that happens on your Storegate account is updated in real time and when you use the Storegate Cloud Folder application, you always have access to the last saved document.

Working from home

Effective remote work requires good tools, and with Storegate Cloud Folder you will always have access to all your files and folders no matter where you work from.

Through a smart and easily accessible folder in your computer's explorer/finder, you can access your files and collaborate with your colleagues in shared folders even when working from home.

Document management at Storegate