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Extended access

Features for more control

Purchase Extended Access for the ability to set IP locks, get privileged access, 24 months of event log and integration with Microsoft Entra ID.

Enhanced access for extra security and control

Control access with IP lock

Extended Access includes the possibility to get a private cloud service in a public cloud. Specify an IP address or a range of addresses on a domain that can make logins to your account, meaning you can control which fixed IP numbers get access.

For example, the IP lock can be used for one or more offices, a production facility or an important partner. If you also want to limit access to public links, you can disable the public links function as an administrator.

Document management at Storegate

Privileged access

Sometimes there is a need to be able to secure all information that you or your colleagues save in Storegate. This may be for organizational or legal reasons, for example.

Extended Access includes the Privileged Access function, which means that you as an admin can access all information saved by you, your sub-users and partners.

Microsoft Entra ID integration

With Extended Access, you as an administrator get the opportunity to configure Storegate for automatic user establishment in Microsoft Entra ID.

Read more about Storegate and Microsoft Entra ID integration here.

Event log in Access Package

Extended event log

All company accounts on Storegate have an event log with events that have occurred on the account in the last six months. For example, you can see who updated, edited or created a file. Who has shared public links and files from the account and who has received new permissions.

In Extended Access, all your events are saved in the event log for 24 months.

Are you already a Storegate customer? Contact us for more information on Extended Access.  

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