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Work in Office

Complement Office with a Swedish cloud

With Storegate you can work in Microsoft Office and store all files in Sweden according to GDPR.

Work in Office and save documents under Swedish law.

Microsoft Office integration

With Storegate's Swedish cloud service, you can continue working in Microsoft Office while managing documents in a GDPR-secure way.

Discover how easy it is to store, share and collaborate with Storegate Office integration. Storegate makes it easy to work together on documents under Swedish law.

Storage in Sweden under Swedish law

As a Swedish cloud service, we develop our own services and store all information in Sweden.

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Office ♥ Storegate

In Storegate's Swedish cloud service, you can continue working in your regular applications while storing files GDPR-secure in Sweden. With smart co-editing features, you can work with colleagues on shared documents directly on the web or locally.

You can also manage files with drag'n'drop and get a complete overview of all your content. All changes made are automatically saved and version history also allows you to recreate previous versions of the same document. You can work from anywhere, edit and share documents from both the web and mobile.

Storegate works with many different platforms and in parallel with other solutions, as a complement or as a complete solution.

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