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Projects and data coordination

Coordinating construction, contracting and infrastructure projects

A complete solution designed for internal and external projects with a need for secure data coordination and document management.

Effective data coordination for successful projects

Data coordination in construction projects

Gathering all data in one place makes it easy to keep all parts of the project together, from requirements definition and management to design and production. With our Swedish cloud service, project data is coordinated in a secure and efficient way.

All documentation is stored in Swedish data centers and project participants can easily access and work in project information via computer, mobile or tablet.

Document management at Storegate

Our main requirement for these solutions is information security. We share sensitive construction data and other project documentation between hundreds of users. When we are working, our updates are very fast and it is important that everyone is on the latest version of the same file, Storegate solves that.

- Stefan Österdahl, Data Coordinator

Price example

Project value 1-50 MSEK

4995 kr

Per month, invoiced annually

5 project managers

Collect and organize all information related to the project.

  • Up to 50 project participants
  • Invite internal and external users
  • 250 GB storage
  • Storage of files in Sweden
  • Support

Project value 51-100 MSEK

8995 kr

Per month, invoiced annually

20 project managers

Secure data coordination and document management on your terms.

  • Up to 100 project participants
  • Invite internal and external users
  • Extended access
  • 250 GB storage
  • Dedicated support
  • Education and training

Project value 101- MSEK


Invoiced according to contract

Unlimited number of project managers

Customized solution for large projects with unique needs.

  • Unlimited number of project participants
  • Invite internal and external users
  • Extended access
  • Unlimited storage
  • Dedicated support
  • Education and training

Be contacted by us

Fill in your email address and we will contact you to schedule a short call to discuss your needs and how Storegate can help you with data coordination.

Share project data behind secure links

Storegate makes it easy to share information, even to recipients who do not have a Storegate account. By sharing data with our public links, the information is protected while making it easy to share and coordinate CAD and BIM drawings, reports, tender documents, etc.

Invite internal and external users

Coordinating and structuring project data is easy with our collaboration tool. As an administrator, you can invite both internal and external users, create groups and assign specific permissions to users, and ensure that the right team or person has access to the right information.

Skanova CMYK

Storegate's services are ideal for us because the security is high class, data is stored on servers located within Sweden's borders and not locally on each user's computer.

- Richard Runnedal, Construction Manager Skanova

Working with your files on Storegate on your mobile phone

Full control in a Swedish cloud

With data coordination in our Swedish cloud, you get a clear overview and structure in the project. You also get the security of Swedish storage and avoid exposure to foreign legislation.

Authorisation management

Use authorization roles at user or group level. Choose between simple and extended permissions.

Agile way of working

Easy-to-use web interface for sharing and storing files on desktop and mobile. Apps for iOS and Android included.

Traceable event log

See all events and activities happening on the account. Search by user, filter by date and more.

File lock

Avoid someone editing a file that belongs to you. Check files in and out or have the automatic file lock applied when editing files.

Version management

View previous versions of documents and files easily via the web interface. Select the number of versions saved.

Project groups

Set the permissions for which groups have access to what and which users/groups can create new project folders.

Public links

Create distribution links. Choose settings such as date and visit restrictions. Protect with BankID* or password verification.

Working in Explorer

Storegate Cloud Folder is a fast and secure way to work online in Explorer. Stop worrying about data being scattered across computers.

Office package

Whether you use the browser or the Storegate Cloud folder, you can choose to work in the locally installed Office package or Office Online.

Folder monitoring

Create a watch on when files are updated in selected folders and directories.

Extended access*

Restrict access to IP numbers, get privileged access, extended 24-month event log and integration with Microsoft Entra ID.

Wastepaper basket

Recycle bin that protects against accidental deletion and recovers files and folders.

*Additional service, additional cost. See all additional services here.