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Storegate BCP

Business Contingency Planning as a service

Ensure business continuity during the most critical phase in case of ransomware, supply chain attacks, theft or fire.

Access and data protection in a Swedish cloud service.

Cyber resilience at its best

The Storegate BCP service ensures that important data such as files and databases are available when a business is affected by, for example, ransomware or a cyber attack. The service makes it possible to continue the business even if internal and external systems are down, and it is possible to get started quickly unlike traditional backup solutions.

BCP - Business Contingency Planning

Dormant cloud service

With the Storegate platform as a secondary environment, rapid deployment is possible.

Getting started without restore

No re-reading is needed. All files are stored in their original format and can be worked on immediately.

Internal and external access

Collaborate on documents and share files with partners and external contacts.

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We would be happy to tell you more about Storegate BCP and how we can help with cyber preparedness. Fill in your e-mail address and we will contact you.


Why contingency plan as a service?

In recent years, malware attacks have increased exponentially. Today, it is not a question of "if" you are hit by ransomware, viruses, DDOS or supply chain attacks, but "when" you are hit.

Many businesses are also subject to local or industry-specific regulatory requirements from authorities to protect against flooding, theft and fire. On the one hand, an incident can be associated with expensive ransoms and on the other hand, there can be large costs for a business to stand still. With Storegate BCP you can simply sleep better at night.

Operations are up and running within a few minutes

Storegate BCP is continuously updated with data from various sources at your company and collects data in a secure way in Storegate's Swedish cloud. Users and permissions are set up in advance. This makes the starting distance short if the business should suffer a cyber attack or for some reason cannot reach its own systems. Users are up and running within minutes with access from any available mobile phone, tablet or computer. All data is stored in its original format and users can immediately start working together. The interface is user-friendly and requires no training.

Do we dare to secure our most sensitive data with you?

We understand that it can feel uncomfortable to secure your most sensitive data with a third party and that is one of the reasons why we offer both soft and hard protection mechanisms that secure your files within the framework of the Storegate BCP service. Contact us and we will tell you more about contract models and technical configuration of the service.

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Analyze more

Having the courage to review your business from a continuity perspective means discovering vulnerable parts of the business. This can be anything from physical access to premises to IT systems that are neglected. Together with our experts, you will receive tips and advice on how to conduct an analysis. Once everything is ready, we install software that copies important information from various sources on a daily basis and ensures that the data is always kept up to date. This makes it easy for the business to get up and running quickly during the most critical phase. Key files are accessible to selected employees, partners and external contacts. Data is available in a predetermined folder structure with a permission system based on users and groups.

  • Invoicing of customers
  • Payments to suppliers
  • Contact lists
  • Contracts, intangible property
  • Customer-specific information
  • Crisis plans
  • HR info, organisation charts, employment contracts, etc.
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Recommended by eSam

Storegate has been approved by the eParticipation Programme as one of two providers of secure storage and file sharing in the cloud for the public sector.

Built-in protection against ransomware

With Storegate Business Contingency as a service, the company's data is protected from ransomware. If you suffer a cyber attack with encrypted files as a result, this does not affect the dormant environment at Storegate. It is protected in our systems.

What happens in an incident?

When an incident occurs, the business can reach all important information via Storegate. Users and permissions are set in advance, so the start-up distance is short. With Storegate BCP you always get Swedish support and personal support contact.

Storegate via partner

Storegate has delivered cloud solutions to companies and the public sector for over 20 years. We also offer our services through partners such as Telia Cygate, Atea, Telia Company, Dustin, Nordlo, Advania and others. Together with the Nordic region's largest IT suppliers, we can also deliver services through procured framework agreements.