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Simple, accessible and usable services for all

Storegate and accessibility

Storegate is a company that offers cloud services for storage, sharing, signing and collaboration. We want our services to be simple, accessible and usable for all our customers, regardless of functional ability. Therefore, we work actively to comply with accessibility directives and the law on accessibility to digital public services. Here we tell you more about how we work with accessibility in our digital development and what we do to improve our website.

Our approach to accessibility

We have introduced more formalized procedures and a structured approach to ensure that our digital services aim to meet the accessibility requirements of WCAG 2.1 at level AA. This means that we have a central set of requirements for accessibility that applies to all our development projects. We also work with support material that facilitates the work and development initiatives. In addition, we are investing in skills development for our staff so that they can design services that are adapted to the needs of different users. We also want to increase our customer-centric development by involving customers with different disabilities more closely. We are working with multiple stakeholders to get feedback and suggestions on how to make our services more accessible and usable.

How we test our services from an accessibility perspective

We have tested our services in different ways to check that they meet the accessibility requirements. On some parts of the services we have done a self-assessment (internal testing) and on other parts we take from our customers. We do continuous self-assessments with internal testing on pedagogy, language and technology. We do user testing on an ongoing basis.

Features that are not fully or partially available

We always strive to ensure that our services are fully compliant with the law on accessibility to digital public services, but there may be shortcomings that we have not yet discovered or addressed for various reasons. Our ambition is to continuously address known accessibility issues and make our services as good as possible for all our customers without sacrificing functionality. If you experience any accessibility issues or have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at We welcome your feedback and will do our best to help you.