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Where can I safely store and share images?

You know that as a private person you can store images safely and securely in Storegate's Swedish cloud service? Whether it's pictures from holiday trips, happy birthdays or photos from company parties, these memories are surely the most important files you have. Such important pictures should be kept safe and by storing them in a cloud service regulated under Swedish law, you will have full control over your pictures. After all, no one turns down secure cloud storage that also gives you peace of mind.

At Storegate, you can save files from both your computer and your mobile. You can also easily create albums to share with family and friends. If you want to password-protect your shared photos so that no other unauthorised person can access them, you can also do so in the service. And if you want to collect photos from a holiday trip or party, for example, you can do that too. Let us explain how easy it is to create and share photo albums.

This is how easy it is to create photo albums
The great thing is that you can select photos from different folders and times for the same album. Once you've created a photo album, you can share it with family and friends. This is how easy it is:

  • Select the photos you want in an album, then press "Add to album".
  • Create a new album and name it e.g. Summer 2021.
  • You are now ready! If you want to share the album with family and friends, press "share album" and forward the link by email or text message.

Smooth, right? Try it yourself!
We at Storegate are constantly working to deliver secure and simple Swedish cloud services for you and the whole family.

Add to album, Storegate's Swedish cloud service