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The CEO's responsibility if a cyber-attack occurs?

Computer Sweden reports on a new survey showing that 42% of Swedish CEOs believe that cybersecurity does not belong at board level. Despite this, 74% claim that it is their own responsibility as a CEO if a cyber attack occurs.

Remarkably, a minority of CEOs surveyed (only 26%) were able to assess the potential financial impact of a successful cyber attack on their organizations. This includes the potential ransom and also the cost of downtime, a cost that often grows rapidly in the event of an attack.

For business leaders striving to enhance their organization's cybersecurity, it is crucial to take steps to minimize the risks and potential damage an attack can do. Here are some useful tips:

  1. Conduct a risk assessment: Identify and evaluate specific cyber risks that your organization may face.
  2. Set up preparedness: Have a clear plan in case of a cyber-attack. Make sure that business-critical data is accessible outside your internal systems.
  3. Educate your staff: Make sure your entire organization is aware of how to act cybersecurely and how to deal with potential threats.
  4. Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Increase the security of logins and user accounts by implementing multi-factor authentication.
  5. Keep systems up to date: Make sure all systems and software are up-to-date with the latest security updates to minimize vulnerabilities.
  6. Partner with cybersecurity experts: By partnering with experienced cybersecurity companies, you can strengthen your organization and focus on your core business.

We at Storegate can help with Business Contingency Planning as a service. This means that with our solution, you can get your business up and running within minutes if you should suffer a cyber attack or for some other reason cannot access your internal systems. Contact us and we will tell you more about how we can help.

Securing operations with BCP

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