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Annual summary 2023

2023 has brought several exciting new developments, collaborations and launches. Join us as we look back at the highlights of the year in the annual summary!
Nordlo new Storegate partner

The year began with a new partnership, namely Nordlo. Through the collaboration, Nordlo can offer our Swedish cloud-based storage solutions and digital services for secure document management. An exciting collaboration where we see that Storegate's service works both as a complete solution and complement for Nordlo's customers. 

Storegate won tender for file transfer service to ESEM

In April, we announced that we had won the procurement of a file transfer service for Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi och Miljö AB (ESEM). The procurement included data storage and secure file transfer internally and externally.  

Nordic cloud group grew with the acquisition of Danish RushFiles

In the spring, we acquired the Danish company RushFiles A/S. They operate worldwide with secure and cost-effective file sharing and storage solutions. The acquisition grows our Nordic cloud group and creates new opportunities and innovations.

New partnership with Insight

The summer months were followed by another exciting partnership where we welcomed Insight as a new partner. Through this collaboration, Insight's customers get access to Storegate's entire service offering, including secure document management, business continuity planning and digital signing.

Launch of remote ID checking

Towards the end of the year, we launched an innovative remote ID verification service. This new service enabled secure and convenient identification processes via phone, chat and email, which was particularly relevant given the ongoing fraud attempts against Swedish companies. ID Check provides businesses large and small with a user-friendly and secure way to authenticate customers and partners with BankID, thereby reducing the risk of interacting with fraudsters or performing transactions on incorrect accounts.

Storegate ID control is sold as an additional service and complements Storegate's other offering with services for, among other things, cybersecure document management, secure file sharing, digital signing and business contingency planning.

ID control SMS
New features for even safer digital collaboration

This year has seen a whole bunch of new, smart features for secure storage and document management. For example, we have mobile QR codes when logging in with BankID API V6, IRM support for Microsoft Purview, the ability to add description to folders and files, add and wake up inactive users. More new features can be found in our release notes.

This year's Christmas gift to BRIS
Bris annual summary

This year, Storegate has again chosen to donate a Christmas gift to the BRIS organisation and their important work in helping and listening to children.

Many thanks for 2023

Finally, we would like to thank our customers, partners and employees who together have made all this possible. Thank you for choosing our Swedish cloud! Let's wrap up 2023 and look forward to an exciting new year. We round off with our classic Christmas movie. See you again in 2024!

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