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Today is World Backup Day - should it be necessary?

The cinnamon bun, the opposite, the tortilla chip, the clean water, the toilet, the missed opportunities, the meteors-that-almost-hit-the-earth and a host of diseases and problems we should be helping each other with - everything now has a day. So does the backup, World Backup Day. But is it really needed?

Needs are of course relative, and compared to things like clean water, backup is not a necessity for survival and health (except possibly psychological, given stress levels).

However, data loss was estimated a couple of years ago to cost 1.7 trillion annually and many businesses don't recover from a big hit, but actually go under, costing people their jobs. Incidentally, people often lose both memories, which cannot be priced, and important documents when computers are stolen or break down.

So, socio-economically, backup is a pretty big deal, but maybe not one we think about. And then it's actually good to have a day to do it. A World Backup Day, simply put.
So, give backup a thought today. At least your own, and make sure it works. Because you do have a backup, don't you?