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Own logo and background for dividends

Your brand is one of your company's most important assets, which is why we are particularly pleased to announce the branding of your Storegate account.

With our new add-on service, your logo will be visible to both your customers and employees when you collaborate on documents or share information from Storegate. By branding your Storegate account with a logo and background image that follows your graphic profile, you will increase the visibility of your brand when you or your customers use Storegate. You can also add a link in the logo that points to your own website. Perfect for you or your company that shares links and wants your own brand to be visible.

Finally, you can use your company's strong brand even in our Swedish cloud service. Branding as an additional service is available for all corporate accounts under account settings.

Want help getting started? Check out our knowledgebase to learn more about how to brand your account.

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