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Does it matter where I save my photos?

You've probably heard about the debate regarding the storage of sensitive files in cloud services located outside Sweden. But do you need to take into account GDPR, Cloud ACT, Schrems II etc as a private person? The answer is really no, as most of these regulations are there for companies to protect the privacy and data of private individuals. What you should be careful of as a private individual is to use cloud services that comply with these regulations. Therefore, it is reassuring to know that Storegate is a Swedish company that complies with GDPR and Swedish legislation. No picture or file that you store in the cloud will be accessible by anyone other than yourself or the family members with whom you share your lovely albums. The fact that we also have Swedish support doesn't make things any worse.

Simple services that automatically back up your images
Automatic backup of your files and images is included in all our packages. We offer you the following ways to keep your images safe in a Swedish cloud:

  • Mobile backup
    With the Storegate App, your mobile or tablet photos will be automatically backed up to Storegate. One problem that everyone encounters at some point is "full storage" in the mobile. But by using the Storegate App, you not only back up your photos and videos, but you can also access them in the cloud at any time from both your computer and mobile. Plus, you save memory on your phone!
  • Computer backup
    Thanks to Storegate's backup service, you can configure your locally saved images and documents to be automatically backed up and stored in the cloud. No IT knowledge or expertise is required to activate Storegate Backup, as the software is easily installed. Our services combine security with fast restores and instant access to data when it's needed most.

Want to know more about Storegate and how you can test the services for free? Visit Storegate Private here.

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