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6 reasons to start signing digitally

With digital signing, you can let the recipient sign contracts, documents and other confidential information in a legal, compliant and secure way. Here are 6 reasons to start signing digitally. Try it for free today and get a handle on the contracting process!
Traceability and control

With digital signing, you have full control over your contracts, and can always see where a contract is in the process. View who has signed, if someone has refused or if someone needs to be reminded. You keep all your contracts and important files in one place.

Reduced administration

With digital document management, you avoid the risk of paper contracts getting lost in the mail, you save both paper and postage, and you can be absolutely sure that the right version of the document is signed by all parties.

Faster contracting process

Signing digitally saves you time in several ways. In addition to the time spent on administration and mail handling, you also save time on meetings and travel for contract writing, which can now be replaced by digital signatures. It will be faster and more convenient for both you and your customers.  

Higher security

With digital signing, security is higher than with traditional paper contract signing. For example, the issuer may require BankID verification before access is granted to the document to be signed. Each digital signature is time-stamped, there is traceability throughout the contracting process and signatures can be verified via a QR code in the finished contract. 

Valid throughout the EU

All contracts signed digitally with Storegate are valid throughout the EU. The certificate that seals the documents is available on the EUTL (European Union Trusted List) and AATL (Adobe Approved Trusted List). You get advanced and qualified signatures that are approved according to eIDAS legislation, a common standard for how electronic signatures should be handled.

Sign where you want, when you want

Thanks to the flexibility of Digital Signing, working from home is no problem. You can send off contracts and sign digitally whether you're in the office, on the road or at home on the sofa. It doesn't matter if you're using a computer or a mobile phone, digital signing makes contract writing easy and secure regardless of device.

Want to start signing digitally too? We'll be happy to tell you more about how our solutions can help you achieve a simpler and more secure contracting process. Contact us for a free demo, see product sheets or try for free today.

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