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5 benefits of moving company information to the cloud

More secure information storage
The cloud is a more secure way to store data compared to storing information on local servers. This is because files and documents stored locally are at risk of fire, power outage or data failure, which in the worst case could result in data loss. A good cloud provider, however, will ensure that your data is continuously backed up and stored on duplicate servers. This means that the risk of data loss is minimal.

Saves money
Instead of
investing large sums in an expensive server environment and the cost of support staff to take care of your server, fix system errors and perform updates, using a cloud service is comparatively easier and cheaper. With cloud information storage, you only pay for the amount of storage you need. Your company is always kept up to date with the latest updates and, with someone else taking care of all the IT operations, it's also very hassle-free for you.

Easier for employees
Thanks to the flexible capabilities of the cloud, all employees can access their files from anywhere, whether they're in the office or at home. Employees can work and edit documents directly in the cloud, sharing and collecting information via public links. This facilitates collaboration between multiple departments and projects running in parallel. Instead of saving thousands of different versions of the same document, it's much easier to check a single copy. The cloud allows everyone to work in real time.

Easily accessible
A big advantage of the cloud is that you have easy access to all your files. Your information is available via your mobile, tablet or computer. If you need more space, you can always expand your storage to secure more documents, files and other data.

A complete solution
files, share information, edit across documents, back up and work from different devices and more. At Storegate, we offer you a complete solution for your files in the cloud. As a Swedish cloud service provider, we develop our own services and store all information in Sweden. With us, you get full control of your information and a cloud that gives you 100% protection against the CLOUD Act and makes it easier for you to comply with GDPR.

Contact us at info@storegate.com for more information about our services.