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Storegate invests SEK 9 million in "Borderless Swedish"

Storegate launches cloud services for secure file storage under the concept of "Borderless Swedish". Gränslöst stands for the increased mobility and efficiency that Storegate's services offer. Swedish stands for storage in Sweden under Swedish law, with full privacy and support.

The concept is a step in a larger initiative where Storegate wants to consolidate and clarify its position as a Swedish alternative to foreign cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

To reach out with the concept, Storegate has signed an investment agreement with Aggregate Media that gives Storegate the right to exploit media space of SEK 9 million in around 100 different channels owned by the major media companies. The channels include newspapers, outdoor advertising, radio, TV and the Internet. In return for the media space, Aggregate will receive newly issued shares in Storegate AB.

- We have followed the company, management and the market for a number of years and believe that the clear requirements for Swedish storage make Storegate, which has always worked under these requirements, the strongest option for secure storage of digital information. We will now position Storegate as the dominant solution in Sweden for companies that want to comply with the law. In parallel, similar concepts will be launched in other geographic markets with similar requirements. Storegate is one of our core holdings, says Peter Brodén, founder Aggregate Media.

The demand for confidentiality and privacy will increase for Swedish entrepreneurs and there are already strong reasons why Swedish companies should consider how and where they store their files.

- If you have association minutes, contact details of members or employees, or your customer register saved, then you are processing personal data," says Matz Karlsson, CEO of Storegate AB. If you do this as a business or organisation, you automatically become a data controller. As a Swedish supplier, we naturally help our customers to manage this responsibility, otherwise there are many things to take into account.

Some examples of what entrepreneurs should consider:

  • By using a Swedish cloud service with servers in Sweden, companies meet the requirements of the Swedish Accounting Act that all accounting information must be stored in Sweden.
  • By using a Swedish cloud service, companies meet the requirements of the Personal Data Act to ensure that the cloud service provider applies Swedish law when processing personal data.
  • By using a Swedish cloud service, companies can be sure that stored data will not be disclosed to US authorities.
  • By using a Swedish cloud service provider, the customer can be sure that Swedish law will apply to the agreement, that all communication and contractual text with Storegate is in Swedish and that any third-party claims for disclosure of data will be handled in Swedish courts.
  • By using a Swedish cloud service with servers in Sweden, companies can be sure that personal data is not transferred to a country outside the EU, which would otherwise be subject to special requirements.

- The overall strategy going forward is to seriously challenge the major US players for the business market in Sweden," says Matz Karlsson. The trend is clear and the potential is great. Cloud services are being used more and more to increase companies' information availability, and the trend is for more and more people to choose Swedish storage, both to protect company data and to easily comply with laws and regulations.

For more information contact:

Matz Karlsson, CEO Storegate,
Tel: 070-320 14 01