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Smart cloud backup in a new guise

Storegate is now releasing a new version of its Online Backup software. It is the 3rd generation since 2003 and the focus of the development has been on user-friendliness.

Storegate has been offering cloud storage solutions since 2003 and has been a pioneer in the field. The major difference between Storegate and conventional backup software is that Storegate stores all information in the cloud in its original format. This means that customers who lose their files, due to a data crash, theft or other reasons, can immediately access their files in the correct format and start working with them without a recovery process. Conventional backup software often requires the installation of software and unpacking of archive files before work can resume.

- Our philosophy from the start has been that customers should have a secure backup while easily accessing their files in the cloud. We believe in simplicity for customers and that you should not need to be IT-savvy to have a secure backup for your digital information, says Bertil Hedén, Business and Product Development Manager at Storegate AB.

The new version is called 2.0, but as I said, it is the third generation. It works in the same way as before, but there are some new features and improvements that make it easier for the user. In addition to the technical features, which are not visible, there are:

- A more user-friendly and easy-to-navigate look

- Better overview and control of backups made

- Possibility of easier recovery of files

The software will tell you when it's time for an update, which will be soon, and an installation will of course not affect the backup in the Storegate cloud.

For more information, please contact:
Bertil Hedén, Business and Product Development Manager, Storegate AB, bertil.heden[at]storegate.com.