Tokeep - Get your acts together


Tokeep, the service that helps you and your partner create order and reduce friction in everyday life by making important shared information accessible and usable, has chosen Storegate's cloud platform SOSA (Storegate Online Storage Application). The platform enables multiple integrations for Tokeep and is operated through the Storegate Solutions business area.

- In a world where the amount of information is constantly growing, we need tools/services that help us to gain control over the information that is important to us, says Bertil Hedén, CEO of Tokeep AB. Our vision is that Tokeep will become the obvious alternative when it comes to saving and accessing all personal information.

Tokeep - Get your acts together.

Tokeep is like a digital safe for you and your partner. Everything stored here can be accessed by both of you whenever you need it. Finally, you don't have to look for the receipt of the new dishwasher that broke down or wonder where to keep the family's vaccination papers. With Tokeep, all this becomes a reality, for free. Security is high and activation and login is via BankID.

- As our customers store their most important information on Tokeep, security is a priority. Storegate has a long experience of both technology development and operations in cloud services, concludes Bertil Hedén.

- We see an increased interest in Storegate's cloud platform, SOSA (Storegate Online Storage Applications), says Matz Karlsson, CEO Storegate AB. Larger companies that want to move out and adapt different processes to the cloud or new services that need a scalable platform at the bottom for a faster time to market. Tokeep is the latest and is an initiative that Storegate itself has invested in, together with Länsförsäkringar i Blekinge Utvecklingsbolag and Sparbanken i Karlshamn's Näringslivsstiftelse. We look forward with great excitement to following Tokeep's development closely," concludes Matz Karlsson.

For more information, please contact:

Matz Karlsson, CEO Storegate, tel: 070-320 14 01, e-mail:

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