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Possibilities for custom cloud storage.


On premise, White label, API integration, development of new services and solutions.


Storegate – more than just cloud storage

Storegate offers a wide range of cloud services that make secure sharing, access and collaboration with digital information possible for you and co-workers. We have also integrated our services with other systems both in Sweden and globally.

If you are looking for a competent partner for cloud storage, we offer secure storage solutions to handle all the digital information generated, and with long experience in cloud storage and with a flexible API, we give your company the support it needs.

We are here – Storegate is a Swedish company and we store all data in Sweden. We also have our development in Sweden, which means that we can help out in larger projects if special adaptations are needed.

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Competence and knowledge

Our team works with cloud services globally and creates, based on their broad experience, innovative solutions together with our customers and partners.

Cloud services for your customers' digital lives

With Storegate, you get access to one of the market’s widest range of services with consistently high security, reliability, and scalability – you can shape the service the way your customers want. Our business models offer flexibility over time and the solution can be installed on your own local infrastructure or in an environment hosted by us.

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With your own brand

With Storegate you can get all services under your own brand (company name, logo, program icons and product name). You can also use your own domains and SSL certificates and with our powerful administration tool you can make changes to texts, images, phrases continuously on your own and whenever you want.

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SOSA (Storegate Online Storage Application) gives you full control over your cloud solution and your customers.

The platform supports all your customer´s needs to efficiently store, access, share, work or collaborate in the cloud.
SOSA is built for high availability and scalability, which is essential for this type of application. The platform also provides APIs that can be used to integrate with internal systems or external services.


All white label solutions come with a powerful API for provisioning which can be used to integrate with CRM systems, billing systems and customer portals as well as 3rd party services.

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On-premises installation

With an on-premises installation, the Service Provider get the SOSA platform installed in their own data center and on the hardware of their choice. The SOSA platform is built on Microsoft .NET framework and requires Windows Server as operating system, apart from this SOSA has no restrictions when it comes to the choice of hardware vendor. SOSA supports any storage which can be accessed using CIFS/SAMBA, which also gives great flexibility in terms of choosing hardware vendor for storage. SOSA can be deployed on physical servers as well as virtual servers.

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Hosted Solutions

Storegate offer all services as a hosted solution which provides your business with a new way to get a cloud service for your customers, at a predictable cost. Rather than purchasing hardware and software, a Storegate hosted solution offers cost effective business models. Storegate takes care of ongoing upgrades, maintenance, security and any other IT headaches.

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A proven concept

Storegate is a Swedish cloud provider that was founded in 2003. Our wide range of cloud services makes it possible, via leading service providers and companies around the world, for millions of users to safely, securely store, share and collaborate in the cloud.

Five reasons to choose Storegate as a partner:

  • Leading service platform that covers all needs
  • Wide product portfolio
  • Own brand on the services or Storegate’s brand
  • Flexible business models
  • Different options for hosting

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