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Business solutions that help your business, regardless of size, with flexible cloud storage services.


Custom solutions with as much storage as you need.

In Enterprise, we adapt our wide range of services to your specific company.
With Enterprise, is possible to make any combinations of all the services below. Contact us and we can go through your company’s specific requirements and tailor a solution for you.

Collaborate internally and externally with synchronized files.

Collaborate with files internally and externally directly in the cloud.

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Backup that smoothly handles multiple computers on the company.

Automatic backup of corporate server with high functionality.

Opportunity for group structure

If you need to work with files in different groups in an organisational structure, there are also tools for this. Using the administration tool you can create separate accounts for separate business areas.
The advantage is that it can be administered as one unit with e.g. one invoice, but each business area get their own accounts.

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Set permissions in several levels

With Storegate Team Online, it is possible to add permissions to all folder levels. This means that you can have project folders and then grant permissions on specific subfolders.
The service is suitable for everything from small projects to collaboration at group level. With the support for logging of each file event, you can also see who has done what in these folders.

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Platform independent

Storegate Team Online is a secure and platform-independent service suitable for internal and external collaborations in companies, project groups, boards, etc. regardless of size.
Each user in the team gets a Storegate folder on the computer where they can access the folders and files to which they have rights. Users work in their regular programs, such as Office 365, but store the files in a Swedish cloud. The service supports file locking and version control in both Office documents and CAD drawings. We call this platform independence – for real.
The service supports Windows and Mac OS X, and apps are available for Android and Apple iOS as well as support for those who use terminal server or remote desktop.

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Training for administrators

Storegate’s services are easy to use and it’s quick to get started. But if your company wants extra help getting started or extra information, we can offer training for the administrator.
Education and information are of course held in Swedish by our Swedish support department.

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Archiving solutions

For those companies with a need for pure archiving solutions, we can offer secure storage in redundant systems located in Sweden. Storegate has been working with cloud storage since 2003.
We also know that different types of companies have different needs when it comes to archiving and we have extensive experience and the possibility to customize your archiving solution.

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Server backup

In addition to our clients for backup of PC and Mac, we also have a product for backup of servers that effectively secures what you need to Storegate’s Swedish clouds. The service has many functions with great possibilities for settings and customizations.
With, among other things, unlimited version history, full image copy, backup of external cloud services (Amazon S3, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure and more) and many other unique functions, Backup Server provides total protection for the hub of your IT system.

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Customized solutions

Storegate has been developing storage solutions in the cloud since 2003 and has full control over all services and systems. Storegate also delivers its services globally to operators and service providers.
This means that Storegate can customize solutions to your company’s needs. A unique advantage hard to find on similar services.

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Event log

The service has a specific logging function for the administrator supporting the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
The logging function shows what has happened on the storage account, if e.g. a file deleted or moved (does not apply to backup). A valuable feature to be able to follow up what really happened to the stored files.

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Storegate complies with GDPR.
As a customer of Storegate, we have made sure that you can follow GDPR. First and foremost, all data is stored in Sweden (GDPR requires storage within the EU). The fact that it is Swedish storage also protects your data from being affected by foreign laws.

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With Storegate, it is easy to archive your digital information. All archived data is stored in dual storage systems in Sweden.
Depending on what solution you have chosen, archiving can take place in different ways, via the web, via WebDAV, via our backup clients or via our API. If you have questions regarding which solution best suits your company, contact us.

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