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NetPort Science Park

Working in a project-oriented organisation brings with it the need to be able to share, save and access your digital files and documents from multiple devices and locations. The people who work at NetPort Science Park in Karlshamn know this; since 2013, they have been using Storegate's sync and backup service at their workplace to solve this need.

NetPort Science Park is a Triple Helix organisation, which means that it will work to ensure that business, higher education and public sector activities develop together and interact in the best possible way. NetPort was established in 2001 and has since then worked for economic growth and contribute to further social development. NetPort Science Park, which is the physical location of NetPort, consists of several buildings on the old harbour pier in Karlshamn.

Tenants are companies, public authorities and Blekinge Institute of Technology. Here we offer an exciting and stimulating environment where business and academia can develop. Today we are about 17 people working in the organization, most of them working as project managers and are driving various types of regional, national and international research and innovation projects.

Kerstin Nensén, Office Manager at NetPort.

Working in a project-oriented organisation like NetPort is, places high demands on the digital support. NetPort employees need to be able to share and retrieve their digital information from a variety of devices and locations.

Kerstin continues:

We needed a service that allowed people working in the organisation to easily share and access their information. As we have Mac, Windows, IOS and Android users, it was important to us that the service we chose was completely cross-platform.


When running EU projects, there is a requirement to keep all project documentation for up to 10 years after the end of the funding programme.

This means that we need to have a good backup that we can rely on," says Kerstin. Having our own server is very costly for us to maintain. That's why we save a lot of money by using Storegate's services, which we've had since 2013. In addition, the security the service provides is worth a lot, we know that we are handing over our information to someone who is an expert at taking care of it.

A Swedish cloud service for business files

Does your business also need a GDPR-secure cloud service? At Storegate, we make it easy to store, share and collaborate on files. In our Swedish cloud service, you can manage sensitive data and personal information without worrying about transparency and the influence of foreign laws. You avoid the uncertainty that comes with foreign cloud services and can focus on your core business.

We can help you with a solution that suits your business, contact us and we will tell you more!