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CLOUD Act - New law

Cloud Act affects users of US clouds

It is widely known that on 23 March US President Donald Trump signed a new bill into law. The document ran to 2,000 pages and contained budget items costing USD 1,300 billion. So far, nothing strange. What is not so well known, however, is that this lengthy document also included something called the CLOUD Act (The Clarifying Overseas Use of Data). This is a set of new laws that allows US authorities to access stored data overseas and vice versa. It is an update of the existing ECPA (Electronic Communications Privacy Act) of 1986 which has become outdated. In the US this has been widely discussed in the media, but in Europe it has been overshadowed by the big GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) debate that will be introduced in the EU on 25 May.

If you want to read more about how this affects you as a user of US cloud services, this article describes it well.


If you want to use a Swedish cloud service that is not subject to the CLOUD Act, you are welcome to contact us at Swedish Storegate AB. We believe in corporate and individual privacy and we guarantee that:

  • All information is stored in Sweden under Swedish law.
  • Storegate does not use stored information for any purpose other than storing it for our customers.
  • The customer retains ownership of all information stored in Storegate's cloud service.