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Annual summary 2022

The past year has seen major launches, new features and exciting deals. It's been an eventful year indeed. Now it's time to wrap up 2022, but before then, let's look back at the highlights of the year!
A whole range of new features in our Swedish cloud service

2022 offered several new services and features. In April, we launched a brand new service, Digital signing. Our product development team has developed a legally sustainable digital signing service that is also user-friendly and makes the contracting process both more secure and easier.

We have also released a new app with several smart features to make your digital life easier. The app lets you scan files, make password-protected handouts, view, create and edit Office documents, and more. Of course, there's automatic camera upload for secure backup of photos and movie clips on your phone.

Another exciting new feature is our app for Microsoft teams. It makes it easy and secure to manage and share sensitive data with full compliance directly in Teams. You can safely and easily upload files and folders, copy direct links, share files and request file submissions in Teams without worrying about your data leaving your control.

Share direct link in Microsoft Teams app

We ended the year with the launch of another new service, Storegate BCP - A digital crisis management plan. The service provides business continuity in the event of a cyber incident, allowing operations to continue during the most critical phase, even when internal and external systems are down.

Storegate talked cloud at eSam digital collaboration platform fair

At the end of last year, eSam released its report on which cloud services are considered appropriate and legal options for the public sector. We are very proud that Storegate is approved by eSam as one of two providers for secure cloud storage and file sharing for the public sector. In November, Storegate visited dSam, the eSam project's digital collaboration platform exhibition. There, we talked about our Swedish cloud service for municipalities, regions and public authorities.

New customers and partners

2022 has offered many exciting customer partnerships. We are pleased that more and more companies are discovering the benefits of a Swedish cloud service. We are also strengthening our cooperation with our partners and during the year we have started several new joint customer projects. We end the year with the launch of a brand new partner collaboration with Hogia, where Storegate is used with several of Hogia's accounting and auditing software products.

Axel Hermansen new CEO of Storegate

In November, Mats Karlsson, one of Storegate's founders, handed over the baton to Axel Hermansen as the new acting CEO. Axel joins Storegate from his role as Sales and Marketing Director.

Axel Hermansen, Acting CEO Storegate AB

We have an exciting journey ahead of us, the market has matured and both the public and private sectors are demanding GDPR-secure document management solutions. Together we will continue the journey where Swedish cloud services are in focus.

Axel Hermansen, Acting CEO Storegate AB
This year's Christmas gift to BRIS

This year, Storegate has again chosen to donate a Christmas gift to the BRIS organisation and their important work in helping and listening to children.

Many thanks for 2022

Finally, we would like to thank our customers, partners and employees who have made all this possible. Thank you for choosing our Swedish cloud! Now we are merging in 2022 and looking forward to another exciting year. We round off with our now iconic Christmas movie. See you again in 2023!

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