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Idéburen välfärd

IV members can now securely store and share in a Swedish cloud

More and more companies and associations are realising the importance of adapting their operations to the requirements of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) - requirements that can seem like a tangled jungle to many, but which are designed to protect, restrict and give individuals control over their personal data. Now Ideburen Välfärd has signed a framework agreement with Storegate to make it easy and secure for its members to store files that comply with the GDPR.

Idéburen Välfärd is a national trade association for independent and non-profit preschools in Sweden. The preschools' management and administrative functions handle both sensitive and non-sensitive personal data. This can range from children's allergies, special diets due to religious affiliation, protected address data to something as simple as personal identity numbers and ordinary residential addresses.

We see that many people choose to send unencrypted emails to our members containing personal data and other information that should not be there. This is something we cannot stand behind and have therefore chosen to give our members an alternative to collecting and sharing information digitally in a secure way, says Mimmi von Troil, CEO, Idéburen Välfärd. The fact that we then negotiated a good offer with Swedish support is a plus for us.

Mimmi von Troil, CEO, Idéburen Välfärd

The service provides a GDPR-secure and easy collaboration tool for documents and images. Members get a single place for pictures, educators' folders, planning, photos, weekly diaries and more. Storegate enables multi-level collaboration in a seamless way between principals, departments and the board.

Today, many schools and municipalities use services that are not GDPR compliant when information is passed between them and there is a lot of uncertainty about who and which public cloud providers can be trusted. The fact that Fria förskolor chooses Storegate in times like these, when the debate about Facebook and Google is most in the media, is proof of the need for a Swedish cloud service.

Torbjörn Lindkvist, Business Area Manager at Storegate AB

A Swedish cloud service for business files

Does your business also need a GDPR-secure cloud service? At Storegate, we make it easy to store, share and collaborate on files. In our Swedish cloud service, you can manage sensitive data and personal information without worrying about transparency and the influence of foreign laws. Contact us and we'll tell you more!