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Why should we use a Swedish cloud service?

Cloud service is a broad term that in practice can mean several different things. We want to make it simple and understandable. That's why we've put together 3 points to give you a good explanation of what we mean by Swedish cloud service and why you and your business should use one.

What does a Swedish cloud service mean?
The concept of cloud computing is still perceived by many as rather vague. A simple description might be the processes and applications provided via the Internet. However, cloud services can differ greatly in terms of code base, facilities, hardware, staff procedures and compliance. Depending on where the cloud service of choice stores data and the ownership structure, a service that looks Swedish may turn out to be something completely different.

For example, an international cloud service provider may have a cloud service where the website and all functions are in Swedish, but where the servers for storage are located outside the EU. For the customer storing any kind of sensitive data, such as personal data, this means that the GDPR requirements are not met. With a Swedish cloud service from Storegate, Swedish law always applies as we are a Swedish company providing cloud storage on servers located in Sweden. This means that you as a customer with us will have a much easier time complying with GDPR.

How does cloud storage work?
At Storegate, we have chosen to have our own storage infrastructure for our customers. We do not use third-party services such as Amazon or Google to store data, but all information is transferred in encrypted form and stored on duplicated server environments in Swedish data centers with the highest security. Your files are accessible only to you and you retain sole ownership of stored information.

Our storage infrastructure is located in Stockholm. The servers are interconnected and the files you save with us are always copied and placed in two different server environments. Data security is our top priority and you should always feel safe saving data in our services.

Why should we use a Swedish cloud service?
Not all cloud service providers comply with European and Swedish laws regarding data storage and handling of sensitive information. Many international companies offer services where you can work and save your files directly in the cloud. Often such a global provider has a US ownership structure that cannot be contractually removed. An important part of our work at Storegate is precisely to help companies with compliance in the cloud.

Using our Swedish cloud service for secure file sharing and backup makes it easier to comply with European legislation such as GDPR, and you also avoid the risks of US regulations such as the CLOUD Act and Privacy Shield. You don't have to worry about foreign legislation and its possible impact, or the risk of your data being shared with third countries.

We will help you! Make sure your business is operating in compliance with the law. One way is to talk to us at Storegate. Our secure file sharing services complement Office 365 and Google Workspace, allowing you to securely store and share sensitive information as well. That way, you don't have to worry about the potential impact of foreign laws over time. Contact sales@storegate.com to schedule a no-obligation demo of our services.