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How to ensure business continuity in the event of a cyber attack

Imagine that all your systems are down. No email. No chat. No directory service. No office login because the access systems are locked. You try to get into different systems but everywhere is locked and that's just the beginning. You have a phone and at best a computer or tablet.

Recent events have shown that both large and small businesses can be hit hard by cyber attacks. It's no longer a question of if, but when. How does your organisation work with proactive planning? How prepared are you for a possible security incident? And what systems support is in place to ensure business continuity?

Digital crisis management plan safeguards operations in case of cyber attacks

Many companies lack the skills and resources needed to take preventive security action against cyber attacks. This can range from a thorough security analysis to being aware of the latest technologies. Or getting employees to be aware of current security threats and how they collectively protect themselves against breaches. By securing their business with Storegate BCP and an analysis from one of our partners, companies are able to focus on their own business instead of IT.

BCP - Business Contingency Planning

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New threats require new solutions

Storegate BCP, Business Contingency Planning, is a digital crisis management plan that ensures critical data is available if your business is hit by ransomware or a cyber-attack, for example. The service allows employees to continue running the business even if internal and external systems are down, and it can get files and databases up and running quickly.

Cyber preparedness all year round
Torbjörn Lindkvist, CPO Storegate

About a year ago we were contacted by a Swedish company in the building and construction industry. They were looking for a BCP (Business Contingency Planning) solution for accessing business critical information in case the worst happened. We would assume that all their systems were knocked out in a cyber attack and that employees only had access to a mobile phone, tablet or at best a home computer with an internet connection. Any information stored in the cloud service was only to be accessible after the incident occurred and in a predefined permission structure. Ransomware protection would be built-in and all information would be kept up to date on a daily basis.

Torbjörn Lindkvist, CPO Storegate AB

With Storegate BCP, the building and construction company now has increased cyber preparedness, ready to be put into operation in case of an accident. Through Storegate's system, data from various sources is continuously updated and securely collected in Storegate's Swedish cloud. Users and permissions are set in advance. This makes the start-up distance short should the business be hit by a cyber-attack or for some reason be unable to access its own systems.

Recommended by eSam
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Storegate one of two eSam-recommended services(PDF report) for document management, file sharing and digital signing in Sweden under Swedish jurisdiction.

Storegate's services are currently offered through Telia, Dustin, Atea, Advania, Cygate and others, and customers are found in both the private and public sectors. Some examples are: CSN, the Ethical Review Authority, Täby Municipality, the University of Skövde, Region Stockholm, SL, the Anti-Theft Association, Ramböll, WSP, Tillväxtverket and Karolinska Institutet.

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