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How to GDPR-proof Microsoft Teams

Want to avoid your Microsoft Teams users storing data in Onedrive and Sharepoint?

Using Storegate's Microsoft Teams app instead of Sharepoint/Onedrive makes it easy and secure to manage and share sensitive data with full GDPR compliance. As an M365 administrator, you can turn off the Files tab to prevent users from accidentally storing data in foreign cloud services when working in Teams.

The Files tab is directly connected to Onedrive and Sharepoint, which means that data stored there is managed outside Sweden. By turning off the Files tab in Teams, you can ensure that files in Teams are not stored at Microsoft and thus achieve a higher level of GDPR compliance. To turn off the Files tab in Teams, follow the instructions on our support pages.

Microsoft Teams files tab

Learn more about adding Storegate as a tab in your Teams channels and chats here. How to add Storegate as a tab.

Teams tab

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