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Employee interview: Julia

Say HELLO to our latest addition Julia Lorentsson

Immediately after finishing her studies at Lund University in Strategic Communication, she moved to Karlshamn, as her partner comes from our hometown. We are very happy that this west coast girl chose the east coast instead. A good choice, we think.

Julia always brings new energy to the team and with her cheerful mood she constantly contributes to a positive atmosphere. On a daily basis, she works on the company's various value-adding activities in terms of communication to our customers and partners. With her degree in communications and broad experience in service, the Online Marketing role is perfect for her.

Having a social, active and creative work where the customer is the focus is something I'm really passionate about. With my genuine interest in proactive marketing, I constantly strive to create good relationships, which was also my first impression of the work culture at Storegate. A company that is right on time with a great potential for development in terms of data security and secure IT solutions. I am very happy to be part of Storegate's journey towards providing people and businesses with a Swedish cloud service.

Like other colleagues, Julia now works from home. She has created her very own mobile office. A creative solution that is temporarily working well during the current pandemic. We've also heard that she's quick at peeling prawns and good at baking delicious buns. However, we don't think shrimp and buns are a great combination. But if you smell freshly baked, you know who to contact.

Since my first day at work, I have felt like one of the Storegate community. New ideas are always welcome. No matter what one's job is, everyone has the same drive to constantly work forward. I appreciate that very much.

Julia has been with us for more than six months now, time flies when you're having fun. Everyone at Storegate would like to welcome you once again! It will be fun to follow your development and progress with us.

Are you interested in talking communication with Julia? Get in touch! We are available at info@storegate.com.