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Employee interview: Axel

Welcome Axel Hermansen - New Sales Manager at Storegate!

As the summer passed, our new sales manager at Storegate finally took office. He has taken us all by storm so far, bringing with him a wonderful positive energy and a constant desire to develop. With his passion for sales and his desire to create long-term customer relationships, Axel fits like a glove at Storegate.

I feel that Storegate is an exciting and innovative company that has something for everyone, whether it's a small individual company or a large international group. My colleagues have really welcomed me with open arms and I think we will have a very exciting and developing journey together in the future.

Axel's long experience in service and sales began at the age of 13 when he was handing out advertising leaflets. After his school years in Karlshamn he set his sights on our capital Stockholm and after 6 busy years there he returned home to dear Karlshamn. Before joining us at Storegate, Axel worked as the CEO of Rollup-King, a company in the printing and event industry.

For me, trust is a prerequisite for creating a long-term relationship, both in the workplace and in private life. The deal itself is of course the most important thing in the end but without trust you rarely get there.

An ordinary working day for Axel means that the bell rings at 6:30. Not a snoozer, he gets up straight away to have the first cup of coffee of the day and perhaps the most important 10 minutes of the morning in the armchair, all to himself, to check some news updates on his mobile phone. The days at Storegate then look very different. Right now, he and his team are busy developing and strategising sales efforts, formulating new goals and sketching out exciting plans for the future.

We are in an interesting period where there is more and more focus on cloud computing and how companies and individuals should relate to the laws and regulations that exist. Storegate is available both as a complement for those who only want parts of our services or as a full service provider for file management. As customers grow with us, we can develop and add more solutions from our product portfolio. Ingenious, I think.

The menu at Axel's home often includes spicy food, Axel is a real omnivore but likes to whip up a really tasty chili. When he's not in the kitchen, he sometimes takes out his guitar and perhaps dreams of becoming a rock star one day. We're very much looking forward to the show as both a performer and a creative chef!

Last, but perhaps most importantly, our new sales manager tries to live by the motto: Life is too short to be boring! And we can't help but agree. Keep spreading your wonderful energy Axel.

Looking forward to new collaborations! Axel is excited about what the future has to offer. He is very much looking forward to making new contacts and collaborations. If you want to talk to him more, he is available at