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Digital sovereignty, what does it mean?

At a time when there is a lot of focus on security and the increasing cyber threat, the issue of cloud computing and digital sovereignty also comes up. Storegate started its business 20 years ago, long before digital sovereignty was a concept. We took the position early on as the Swedish alternative and have since then been a comprehensive supplier and complement to secure data within Sweden's borders.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU has set up a regulatory framework for data management with clear guidelines for companies and public organizations to follow. The GDPR applies to everyone operating in the EU and aims to ensure that personal data is handled in a way that protects citizens' privacy.

Digital sovereignty to protect sensitive data

In the case of US law, under the Cloud Act, government agencies have the right to request the data that is stored, and releasing the data risks violating the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Digital sovereignty is a way to protect sensitive data and maintain control over it. By using a sovereign cloud service where data is only stored and managed within Sweden/EU borders, you protect your data from non-European legislation. You avoid the uncertainty of overseas cloud services and avoid the risk of foreign powers accessing the information your business stores.

As awareness of cybersecurity and privacy in the cloud continues to grow, digital sovereignty has become a hot topic. Both the private and public sectors are increasingly questioning the use of overseas cloud services. Our solution has the advantage that it can be used either as a complement to GDPR-secure storage of sensitive data or as a complete solution as a collaboration platform and for document management. This makes it easy for organizations to gain full control and ensure proper management in accordance with the GDPR.

Axel Hermansen, CEO Storegate AB
Axel Hermansen, Acting CEO Storegate AB
Easy to comply with GDPR with a Swedish cloud

At Storegate, we make it easy for you and your business to store, share and collaborate on files in a secure way. In our Swedish cloud service, you can handle sensitive data and personal data without worrying about transparency and the impact of foreign laws. At Storegate, the storage systems are located in Sweden and regulated under Swedish law. This makes it significantly easier for Swedish companies when it comes to GDPR and the US CLOUD Act. We have been helping Swedish companies and authorities with secure cloud solutions since 2003 and among our customers all possible industries are represented.

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Storegate one of two eSam-recommended services(PDF report) for document management, file sharing and digital signing in Sweden under Swedish jurisdiction.