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Strängnäs municipality

Strängnäs municipality, like many other municipalities, has sensitive data that for various reasons is not suitable for storage in foreign systems. When the municipal auditors needed a mobile tool for storing, sharing and collaborating on files, they chose Storegate in Sweden.

Mats Lange, procurement officer at Strängnäs municipality explains:

Procurement of cloud services is more than just saving money. As well as ensuring an efficient and modern way of working for employees, it's also about complying with current and future legislation. We realised quite soon that there was a lot of uncertainty about how the legislation will look over time, especially given the GDPR, the CLOUD Act and eSam's expert opinion on the use of cloud services in the public sector.

Mats Lange, procurement officer at Strängnäs municipality

With digitalisation also comes tough regulatory requirements for how information should be managed in the cloud. Storegate's Swedish cloud service has been adapted and approved to meet the data storage requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is approved by the eSamverkansprogrammet as a provider of secure storage and file sharing in the cloud for the public sector.

Strängnäs not alone, great demand from the public sector

We have a lot of requests from the public sector right now. They realise they don't have time to keep staff waiting for legislation to catch up. According to industry analysts, it could take up to 12 years for new legislation to be in place. At the same time, users are crying out for modern working tools. Torbjörn Lindkvist, Business Area Manager at Storegate AB.

Torbjörn Lindkvist, Business Area Manager at Storegate AB
Torbjörn Lindkvist

A Swedish cloud service for business files

Does your business also need a GDPR-secure cloud service? At Storegate, we make it easy to store, share and collaborate on files. In our Swedish cloud service, you can manage sensitive data and personal information without worrying about transparency and the influence of foreign laws. Contact us and we'll tell you more!