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Storegate Partner: Enviriq IT Services

Enviriq IT Services, in cooperation with Storegate, can now offer a Swedish cloud storage service for sensitive personal data or important accounting records. Enviriq IT Services is a full-service provider of IT-related office solutions and with a focus on providing secure services, they work towards the vision of creating the most satisfied customers. Enviriq IT Services provides the complete workplace, from servers and licenses, to computers, phones and ergonomic office furniture. Their services and products are offered as packaged and scalable solutions and are tailored to each customer's unique needs.

Storegate is a Swedish supplier with Swedish warehouses and a high focus on security. This is important to us and our customers when we design solutions for their business.

Enviriq IT Services is part of the Enviriq Group. The parent company is called Enviriq AB and owns a number of companies, all of which offer services that allow you, the customer, to focus on your core business. All the companies in the Enviriq Group work according to the Enviriq Model, which means that they donate a portion of their profits to charity. The company is based in Norrköping and operates throughout Sweden for the majority of its services.

Together with Storegate, we want to help companies be more aware of what personal data they store and ensure that they work with it in accordance with applicable legislation.

We at Storegate are pleased to welcome Enviriq IT Services as a new Storegate partner. The link between us and Enviriq IT now enables Enviriq IT to help its customers with a separate storage service for files and documents.

Partner managers:
Rikard Cidh Enviriq IT Services, info@enviriq.it
Axel Hermansen Storegate AB, sales@storegate.com

Website: https://enviriq.it