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Safer and simpler document management for public sector organisations 

Do you work in the public sector? Then you're probably familiar with the problem of storing, sharing and managing sensitive information in the cloud in a GDPR-safe way. In recent years, the demands for data security and privacy online have increased. As a result the eSociety programme (eSam) has been looking for solutions for lawful cloud service options with secure data storage in Sweden. I November, a list of possible solutions for document storage and file sharing in the public sector was published. Storegate was one of the few providers included. To give you a better idea of how and what you can do in Storegate's Swedish cloud service, here are some samples:

  • Document management in a Swedish cloud
    Storegate users can always, regardless of location and device, access their files via the web. You can edit Office documents directly in the cloud and locally on your computer. In addition, you can also create new documents and automatically save the file to our Swedish cloud service. We offer functionality such as event logging, folder notifications and the ability to set permissions based on individual or group. The account is managed by a responsible administrator and invited sub-users. The service also supports file locking and version management in both Office documents and CAD drawings.
  • Secure internal and external online file sharing
    With Storegate you can share and send large and small files under Swedish law. Sending files from the web is both easy and secure. With a built-in file sharing service, you can be completely sure who receives your information that you want to share. You can choose to protect the sharing with a password or BankID.
  • Secure data storage in Sweden
    At Storegate, you can feel completely safe knowing that your data is stored on duplicated server environments in Swedish data centers with the highest level of security. Protect your company documents and store your information in a GDPR-secure cloud service.

Want to know more about how you can safely and securely manage documents in the cloud? Contact our eminent sales representatives and they will tell you more about how you can share files under Swedish law. Get in touch at