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Increase data security with 5 quick tips

One in five businesses is affected by data breaches, according to TDI, Telia's Digital Index 2022. Are you prepared? Here are some quick tips on how to increase data security.

Passwords - When it comes to data security, passwords are often the first thing that comes to mind. There are two important things to remember here, firstly to choose a long and therefore difficult to guess password and secondly not to use the same password in several places. If hackers get hold of one password, they will have free access to all other places where the same password is used. For additional security, two-step verification is the way to go, where you must first log in with your password and then confirm that you want to log in by entering a code that is sent to your mobile phone. This makes it much more difficult for the hacker to get through.

Virus protection - Make sure all computers have good virus protection installed and keep it updated. Today's virus protection is much better than in the past at identifying malware. In addition, there are often features to block malicious web pages, thus stopping data breaches before it is too late.

Caution with email - The Internet Foundation describes email as postcards, where information becomes available to all links in the distribution chain. Important to consider, especially if you are dealing with sensitive information. A smart way to avoid sensitive information falling into the wrong hands is to share files via a link that you protect with a password or BankID verification instead.

Education - People are often the weak link when it comes to data breaches. It is relatively easy for fraudsters to lure their way in via links and fake login boxes. Continuous training of staff can prevent incidents and increase data security.

Secure files - If disaster strikes, backing up your files in the cloud is a great safety net. An important feature to look for is version control, which can be a lifesaver if you run into ransomware that encrypts files. With version control, you can roll back to an older version that is not encrypted and avoid paying the scammers to recover your files.

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