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New app - 4 smart features

Have you had a chance to get to know the new app yet? It's packed with smart features to make your digital life easier. How about automatic camera upload of photos and videos, editing of Office documents and a document scanner. All this and more is in our new app. Stay tuned and we'll tell you more!

Automatic camera upload

With the app's automatic camera upload, you can upload photos and videos automatically from your phone. When activating the camera upload, you will be given the option to either upload all the pictures in the entire picture library or to upload pictures taken from the moment the automatic camera upload was activated. You can then view the images in the Mobile Camera area of your account. Look in the left menu when you are logged in to your account via the web interface, where you will find Mobile Camera.

With automatic backup of photos and videos, you don't have to worry about losing nice memories if something happens to your phone, everything is safely stored on your Storegate account in case of an accident. Read more about the automatic camera upload here.

Menu picture
Share files from your mobile
Image with settings for public link

By sharing a public link, you can send files securely via Storegate. A public link can be created for single files as well as for folders with multiple files in them. You can create public links both in your mobile phone and via the web interface. Create a public link to share important information securely. It's easy to keep full control of your files even after you've sent them. With several smart settings, you can control who has access to a shared file or folder. For example, you can choose to protect the distribution with a password, or stop access after the desired number of views. Learn more about sharing files from the new app here.

Document scanner built into the app

The smart document scanner in the app makes it easy to scan bills, receipts and contracts and create PDF files from them. The scanner is located under the plus icon in the app. Select Scan Documents to open it, then simply point your phone so that the entire document is visible on the screen. The app finds and identifies the document, crops it, and then creates a PDF that you save to the desired location in your account.

There is also a smart shortcut to open the scanner directly without entering the Storegate app first, just tap and hold on the Storegate app icon and a menu will open where you can choose to open the scanner. Read more about the document scanner in the new app here.

Scan documents in the app
View, create and edit Office documents directly in the app
Image with menu selection

Now you can open and edit Microsoft Office documents directly in the app. You create new documents in the menu under the plusset, there is the choice "MS Office", here you then choose between Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

The editing function in the new app makes it easy to quickly access and edit files on the go.

To edit a document, simply open the Storegate app and go to the file. Tap and hold on the file to bring up the multi-choice menu, then select "Edit in MS Office". Keep in mind that you need to be logged in to MS Office to create and edit files in the app. Read more about editing Office documents in the app here.

Download the new app

Haven't downloaded the new app yet? Download it today and get started with all the smart features. The new app is available via the App Store or Google Play Store. If you previously used Storegate's old app, you can uninstall it after downloading the new app. Read more here. Wondering about the new features? Submit a ticket to our support and we'll help you out!