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Christmas is just around the corner.

- We become children again and get a second chance?

Despite the rain hitting the windows instead of flakes neatly whizzing by, the Christmas spirit here in the office is lifted, pretty much as the level in the gingerbread jars drops. It's lacquered towards Christmas, but as with the rain, perhaps much around us may seem dull?

In the newspapers we read about terror, murder and threats of war between nations. And maybe the rain we get instead of snow is due to climate change?

Someone once said that "every child is a new chance", and this Christmas we'll all be children again. Right? Besides, after Christmas a new year begins, with new chances to do again, to do right and to do better. Christmas and New Year are a short rest, where we gather strength for a fresh start that can create a brighter future.

And the future, it lives in the children. That's why our customers won't get a Christmas present this year, but we'll donate that money to BRIS instead.

But, of course, we would like to wish customers and everyone else a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We're doing it by offering a little "cartoon" because that's what Christmas is all about - our now classic Christmas movie - and reminding you that everyone should actually have a good backup. Have a nice weekend!