Employee interview: Martin

Our hobby cyclist and product manager, Martin Källström

Martin has been part of the team at Storegate for 10 years. Many exciting and developing years both for Martin and for us as a company. During this time he has gradually grown and shaped the three different areas of responsibility he works with today. He is both a product owner, test manager and our data protection officer. With his eye for product development, he works daily to constantly improve our services. A drive we like.

I think it's great fun when you get to be involved in developing and managing a product for a little longer, both developing the basis and then also seeing what needs to be improved in future versions.

In addition to his technical interest, Martin is a very pleasant and family-oriented person who enjoys an active life. He enjoys training in groups or sailing with his family, something Martin has done since childhood. He always contributes with laughter and loves to solve problems. Just as he has done now that his home office does not consist of a height-adjustable desk and a good office chair. His solution is to go for a couple of short walks to keep his energy level up. An active life that is good for both body and soul.

Martin is one of several employees who have been on our journey for a long time. He brings with him work experience from companies such as Sony Ericson in Malmö and a degree from Lund University of Technology. Good knowledge that he has brought to his role at Storegate.

Storegate takes care of people's files in a secure way by employees with high integrity and with long experience in data storage. Sound advantages that I enjoy and like about having Storegate as my workplace.

With Martin's cheerful and easy-going attitude, he always contributes to a pleasant environment for all employees. If you want to make him extra happy, a tip is to serve him a medium cut of meat with bearnaise sauce. We promise you, you then are his best friend.

We are grateful to have you as part of the team Martin!

Do you have an idea for a product or service Martin should develop? Contact us at info@storegate.com.