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Annual summary 2020 - Our top 5 most memorable events

In many ways, 2020 has brought new events and changes to our digital society. Starting with Covid-19, which initially left its mark on the whole of 2020, data protection laws have also been overturned and the importance of cybersecurity within Europe's borders has rarely been more significant.

We at Storegate are constantly updated on what is happening regarding laws and regulations on the storage of information. Now we leave 2020 behind and welcome a new year, 2021. But otherwise, it will be business as usual for us at Storegate. Secure file storage under Swedish law with full focus on our customers and partners.

We round off the year by summarising our top 5 memorable events:

  1. Launch of Storegate Cloud Folder and Favourites
    With Storegate Cloud Folder, we give you better support for accessing folders and files when working remotely. With Favorites, you can now star images, contracts or other documents for quick access. All to make it easy and convenient for our customers to work with their files directly in the cloud.
  2. Welcomed many new customers, partners and a new colleague
    During the year we have entered into cooperation with GDM, Atea and Visolit. We have been happy to welcome about 6000 new customers to Storegate and in August we also expanded the team with another new colleague. You are all very welcome to Storegate!
  3. Storegate has joined forces with IF in the Nordic region
    Storegate backup is now included in If Data Crime Insurance throughout the Nordic region (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark). With If Data Breach Insurance, also known as cyber insurance, companies do not have to worry about either lost income or expensive costs for various IT experts that might be needed in case of data loss.
  4. New web interface
    This year we have also developed a new web interface to improve the user-friendliness of our service. We listen to our customers and, based on their needs, we are constantly working to improve our services. Log in and try the service yourself!
  5. Developed two new services - Storegate Project & Storegate Safe box
    With Storegate Project, we can offer customers an easy-to-use project site where everyone in the project can work with the files just as usual from any computer, but in a Swedish cloud. With Storegate Safe Box, we have developed a secure web-based service for storing, sharing and collecting sensitive information with a requirement for BankID verification to access the data.

Goodbye 2020, see you again in 2021. Welcome!