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Are you up to date?

Did you read about DN's review of IT security this week? And saw the film about how easy it can be to hack a computer? Our parliamentary politicians had the door open to their computers, so to speak, because they were not up to date. How are you doing at home? Are your computers up to date? Always?

The internet and our constant connectivity make our digital life a modern-day forest of robbery. Dense and beautiful with bushes and trees where robbers and bandits can hide and strike quickly when we least expect it. Our protection is to be constantly aware of our surroundings, and technology must help us do that. And it needs to be up to date.

How do you do it? Do you install as soon as the computer tells you to? Or later, when you have time? In different offices and workplaces, it looks different, obviously. In Parliament, the Parliamentary Administration is responsible for making sure it gets done, but even if it's solved practically, there's a human factor. And technology can make mistakes. We need policies, rules and procedures.

Maybe we should hurry within our update center every morning, it's only a few clicks? At least in workplaces with high security and privacy requirements. Then we'd find the little things that otherwise become big holes before it's too late.

We should know better. We should respect the internet, data and our level of connectivity and vulnerability. Are you up to date? Check it. Often.