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Storegate – a growth company

Storegate is a company that’s expanding rapidly. A growing organization puts special requirements on the people who work there. At the same time, it offers many challenges and opportunities for personal development.

At Storegate we believe that anyone looking to work in a growth company must be prepared to take a personal responsibility for the company’s development.

Expressions like “that’s not my job” don’t exist here. A sense of initiative is also expected. We have few rules for how to go about things. It’s up to each individual to take initiatives that improve processes and routines.

Change is a prerequisite to success. This becomes apparent in many ways – in the marketplace, the organization and your personal work situation.

A less conspicuous managerial role. Anyone responsible for a task makes sure it’s completed. Necessary meetings happen spontaneously, without micro managing.

Being cautious with expenses. Spending money wisely adds sustainability and thereby better conditions for succeeding.

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If we may say so, it’s fun to work at Storegate. We trust each other and work for results that all us can be proud of.

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