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Storegate now available through Eurosecure

Storegate solutions and services are now available through antivirus distributor Eurosecure on the Scandinavian markets, generating new openings for channel partners to provide the service to their customers. Eurosecure launches the offering during September 2015 in the retail and B2B channels on the Scandinavian markets.

Storegate, founded in 2002, is Northern Europe’s leading provider of secure cloud storage, file sharing and team collaboration tools. Together with Eurosecure, a security company with many years of experience as an antivirus distributor, Storegate will provide a more complete service, adding security to their offer.

– Our goal is to offer the best possible protection against cyberattacks and malicious code to our users, but antivirus software will not protect you from for example hardware breakdown, says Jim Sadejeff, Sales Manager at Eurosecure. Storegate’s services for and data synchronizing significantly decrease the risk of losing data from a mobile phone or a computer.

Storegate’s suite of applications and services are chosen by leading service providers around the world to enable millions of users to access and share digital information under industry-leading safety and assurance. By offering a choice selection of Storegate’s services, Eurosecure customers will not only get a competitive data synchronizing services, but also apps for mobile and web interface for sharing and accessing information on the fly.

– We are proud to be a partner to Eurosecure and take part of their great experience in antivirus solutions on the Scandinavian market, says Sebastian Matuska, Sales Manager at Storegate. This launch proves that Storegate solutions is something that everyone should have and that it should be as simple and easy to use as possible. Just set it and forget it.

For more information, please contact:

Sebastian Matuska, Sales Manager, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 705-48 74 63, sebastian.matuska[at]

Jim Sadjeff, Sales Manager, EuroSecure, +46 (0)70 50 88 399,jim[at]


Storegate offers you all the services and functions you need to sync, store, share, access and work in the cloud anytime, anywhere. The services has, so far, made it possible to store billions of files direct or through service providers worldwide. All done with the highest level of security. Storegate was founded December 2002. Owned by the founders, Industrifonden, T-Bolaget and Servisen. For more information visit: