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Lattelecom launches cloud storage to consumer customers based on Storegate SOSA platform.

Lattelecom, the largest provider of integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services in Latvia now launches cloud storage to consumer customers based on SOSA (Storegate Online Storage Application).

Lattelecom has earlier launched cloud storage services under the name eDati to business users and the cloud storage offering to consumers will go under the same brand. In conjunction with the launch of eDati to the consumer customers, eDati will also release new apps enabling automatic backup of photos and videos from mobile devices.

– The launch of eDati to business customers has been received very well by our customers, so the launch of eDati to our residential customers is very exciting, says Arvils Kupris, Director of Lattelecom New product development department.

– The fact that Lattelecom expand their market for eDati feels very satisfactory and promising for the future, says Stefan Ivarsson, Sales Director at Storegate.

For more information, please contact:
Stefan Ivarsson, Sales Director, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 706-56 57 54, stefan.ivarsson[at]