NEW: SOSA 2.5 cloud platform release from Storegate

  • The new release of the cloud platform SOSA (Storegate Online Storage Application) includes two new major features; TeamSync and Enhanced Share.

    • TeamSync – makes it easier and safer to collaborate within the team,
    • Enhanched Share – makes it easier and safer to collaborate outside the team.

    The new release also have more features as improved GUI and extended API. Please contact us for a web presentation where we can show the full cloud platform with clients and apps.

    Contact information:
    Stefan Ivarsson,
    Sales Director, Storegate AB
    +46 (0) 706-56 57 54

    Sebastian Matuska,
    Key Account Manager, Storegate AB
    +46 (0) 703-20 14 93

    Storegate presents new web share functionality

  • Now you can easily share folders with upload rights to colleagues and external business partners in a whole new way through Storegate. Why not collect procurements and offers in a shared folder that is also accessible through Internet? You can even decide whether the receiver should see the content in the folder or not.


    How to share a folder.

    It’s easy to share folders that others can upload files to.

    1. Log into your account at Storegate.
    2. Click Manage > Create Folder
    3. Click the green Share button

    Then simply enter the settings for the shared folder.