Storegate releases new version of SOSA and new Windows Phone app

  • Storegate have now released a new version of SOSA, the leading cloud platform for online file storage and backup services. Major features are enhanced upload with drag ‘n drop functionality which comes with a brand new user interface design. In addition to the release of SOSA 2.3.4 Storegate releases a new version of the Windows Phone app with possibility to have automatic backup of photos.

    The new features are improvements to a platform that enables thousands of professional users to backup, synchronize, collaborate and accessing files in the cloud via desktop clients, web interfaces or through mobile apps. The platform supports all major operating systems and are provided by operators and service providers worldwide.

    Gadget Cover offers Mobile backup and Cloud Sync from Storegate

  • Gadget Cover, UK´s longest established gadget and mobile insurer now offers Mobile backup and Cloud Sync from Storegate. Gadget Cover is a part of Supercover Insurance which life began in 1995 as Mobile Phone Supercover Ltd., a company formed to provide extended warranty on mobile phones. The company has more than 500,000 active customers and is one of the leading electronic items’ insurer in the U.K. Read more at:

    Storegate and TeliaSonera International Carrier promote Anywhereization at Apps World 2013

  • anywhereization
    Anywhereization means access to everything. Anytime. Anywhere. Storegate will be offering mobile backup to all attendees at Apps World 2013 at Earls Court, London on the 22nd and 23rd October 2013.

    Read more about the exhibition at: Apps World 2013 or Anywhereization at:

    Meet Storegate at Broadband World Forum 2013 in Amsterdam

  • Storegate will attend to the Broadband World Forum 22th-24th of October 2013. Take a look at our services Storegate Live Sync and Mobile Phone Backup. Products for automatic backup of photos/videos on your mobile phone and synchronization of your files between your computers and the cloud.

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    Storegate and HP takes Turkcell Superonline to the Cloud

  • Turkcell Superonline can now offer their customers secure storage in the cloud by launching Super Depo. Since Turkcell Superonline offers high speed broadband fiber to their customers, they also will have extreme fast upload and access of stored files. First launched service is the online computer backup with access through mobile smart phones, next phase is to offer full synchronization of computers and access through smart phone apps.

    The system is installed as a turnkey system at Turkcell Superonline premises were HP provide onsite professional knowledge in hardware and integration and Storegate offer software. The local installation in Turkey also assures the users that their stored digital information not are spread to unknown servers on the Internet. This is the second successful installation of SOSA (Storegate Online Storage Application) HP and Storegate have implemented with a major telecom operator.

    – We are proud to be selected as a provider to one of the largest telecom operator in the world says Stefan Ivarsson, Sales Director at Storegate. The launch of Super Depo proves the worldwide trend of operators launching their own branded personal Cloud services for any device. This gives customers possibility to store files within the operator’s cloud rather than using public clouds. And for the operator it’s an effective way to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.

    For more information, please contact:
    Stefan Ivarsson, Sales Director, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 706 565 754, stefan.ivarsson[at]

    About Turkcell Superonline
    Turkey’s innovative telecom operator, Turkcell Superonline, continues its fiber optic infrastructure investments without any let up in speed. Turkcell Superonline is the first telecom operator to offer households internet connection at speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. It offers its corporate and individual customers voice, data, broadband internet access, wholesale voice traffic, transmission, datacenter, cloud computing, and value added services.

    Storegate contribution to the public debate

  • “Put demands on the cloud” says Storegate CEO Matz Karlsson as a contribution to the public debate of Patriot Act, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and FRA (only available in Swedish)

    Inquso new reseller of Storegate business services

  • Inquso AB develops and markets the product Secure Phone. Secure Phone is an advanced solution for mobile device management and security, targeted at organisations that want to benefit from the advantages of mobility without having to compromise when it comes to security. Inquso AB is now reselling and strengthen their offerings with Storegate´s business services. Storegate´s services will be offered through their direct channels and via the Inquso partner network.

    SVT covers PRISM potential impact on US cloud industry

  • Storegate CEO Matz Karlsson makes a statement in Swedish Television news (only in Swedish) on how the U.S. cloud computing industry stands to lose between $22 to $35 billion over the next three years.

    Cloud guarantee protects customers’ information

  • cloud_guarantee_logo
    The debate about the security and integrity of digital information stored in the cloud has caused great concern in the use of so-called cloud services. Where are the information stored, and what laws apply? Who has access to it? Who actually owns the data stored in the cloud? Questions that everyone should be worried about. Storegate now answers by offering their customers a cloud guarantee.

    That Twitter and Facebook claim the right to use any material posted on their services, in the way they want, is generally known. The fact that Google use and store all information collected through their search engine to provide greater accuracy for advertisers, and more, are also quite well known. What few users realize is that US-based service providers need to comply under the Patriot Act and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act giving a third party the right to take part of private information stored by consumers and businesses in theirs, so called, secure cloud services.

    – Storegate is a global provider of cloud services for secure storage of digital information. Our mission is to offer secure online services to support our customers’ needs to store, access, share, and work with their digital information online, anywhere, anytime, says Matz Karlsson, CEO at Storegate. We do not intend, in any way, to use our customers’ stored files in our own or in someone else’s’ interest. On the contrary, if we cannot promise our customers complete privacy, we are not a credible option for businesses or individuals who want to store their digital information in the cloud. Therefore, we now provide all our customers a Cloud guarantee where Storegate promise that:

    1. Storegate don’t use the information stored for any purpose other than to store it for our customers.
    2. Customers retain ownership of all information stored in Storegates cloud service.
    3. All information is stored in Sweden.

    – We have stored our clients’ information in data centers with highest security since 2003. Cloud guarantee is a way for us to talk about how it is like to be a customer of Storegate. There are no new conditions, this is how it has been all along. But for customers who not yet have chosen a secure cloud service for their digital information, it can be a deciding factor, especially when it comes to business customers, says Matz Karlsson.

    For more information, please contact:
    Matz Karlsson, VD, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 703 201401, matz.karlsson[at]

    Storegate stores the most important information in the world – yours.
    Billions of files are stored in Storegate’s system. Files that for many people are irreplaceable. It’s a big responsibility – one that Storegate takes very seriously. Consequently, all information is stored in the most professional environments. The data centers where the files are stored are rated maximum security in terms of intrusion, fire protection and power supply. All components of the system are doubled for reasons of fault tolerance. Backups are always made on two different media. The information stored is not accessible to anyone but the person who stored it and has the proper user ID and password. All Internet transfers are encrypted.

    NetPort Science Park chooses Storegate

  • Founded in 2001, NetPort Science Park works according to the Triple Helix model to promote unique interactions between university, public sector and the business world. NetPort Science Park chooses Storegate to manage, store and sync employee’s digital information. They also use the service to increase the efficiency for third-party members in external projects where file collaboration is playing a major part.

    NetPort Science Park will use Storegate Online File Server with PC and Mac clients for data synchronization in combination with Storegate´s apps for making content accessible via mobile phones and tablets.