Samsung cameras connect wirelessly to Telia Secure Storage

  • It’s now possible for customers using Samsung cameras to upload their photos directly to the Telia cloud service, Secure Storage, without using any cables. This new feature is a result of a development project between Samsung and Storegate.

    Samsung’s camera model ST200 have a built-in Wi-Fi connection. When Åsa Boström Category Manager at Telia planned a campaign with Samsung she saw the benefits of a wireless solution for the customer.

    – Selling cameras combined with our cloud service will give us new possibilities to show the strengths of Telia, says Åsa. When a customer has transferred the photos to Telia Secure Storage, the photos not only get secured in a safe cloud service, the customer can also easily share photos with friends and family through a web interface.

    To achieve the upload of photos to the cloud, Samsung is using the SOSA (Storegate Online Storage Application) API.

    – The API is used by several customers to connect to the SOSA platform, says Bertil Hedén, head of product development at Storegate. For example Telia also have a Digital TV solution integrated to the Secure Storage services using the API. This product allows customers to view their cloud uploaded photos on the TV screen without any hazel with cables.

    For more information contact:

    Bertil Hedén, Head of Product development, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 703-20 14 02, bertil.heden(at)

    Storegate announces cloud content synchronization for service providers

  • The new version of SOSA 2.3 is available. Service providers will now be able to offer their subscribers cloud content synchronization across multiple devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and digital-TV´s anywhere and at any time.

    The sync service includes a white label end user client which can be fully branded and optimized for service providers needs. The client will add a folder in the “explorer” which will be synchronized automatically together with the server and other computers at the same account.

    Highlighted features:

    • Real-time sync
    • Offline access to files and folders
    • Installation with tutorial
    • Settings with possibility to link/unlink computers
    • Status information about quota
    • Notifications when quota getting full
    • Quick launch of web interface
    • Policy settings

    The client has already been certified for Windows 8 but has also support for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OSX.

    – This is a great opportunity for trusted service providers to offer their subscribers a secure and local service with both synchronization and backup features at the same account, says Stefan Ivarsson, Sales Director at Storegate.

    For more information contact:
    Stefan Ivarsson, Sales director, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 706-56 57 54, stefan.ivarsson[at]

    Storegate welcomes a new customer Vasallen AB

  • Vasallen, a leading property company in Sweden has selected Storegate for online storage and online file collaboration. Vasallen was founded in 1997 and has been specialized in development of large complicated property projects. Instead of high investment costs, Vasallen now have access to professional Online File Servers for a fixed monthly fee. Storegate welcomes the new customer and are looking forward to support Vasallen in the future.

    Gina Tricot selects cloud backup from Storegate

  • The Swedish clothing chain store Gina Tricot selects Storegate’s cloud services for online storage and backup of their PC’s and Mac’s. After searching the market Gina Tricot finally decided to work in consultation with Storegate.

    Gina Tricot managed to reduce the cost significantly by selecting cloud based backup from Storegate instead of traditional backup software. Storegate provided an Online File Server solution which allows Gina Tricot to combine Backup with Online Storage (ex. internal file servers). The service is accessible from web browsers all over the world or through Storegate’s apps for mobile devices. Storegate is very proud of the new customer and is looking forward to work in close cooperation with Gina Tricot.

    Gina Tricot is the fastest-growing chain for women’s fashion in the Nordic region. During 2012, the company will achieve a turnover of SEK 2.5 billion. It consists of about 175 stores in 5 countries and extensive online sales. Headquartered in Borås, Sweden, its strength since it started in 1997 has been the use of simplicity in its designs and concept.

    TEO launches an online storage service for businesses in Lithuania

  • Lithuania’s largest telecom provider TEO, has now launched an online storage service called ”Saugykla verslui” for business built on the SOSA platform.

    Read more about the new offering at

    Storegate launches app for Windows Phone

  • As one of the first online storage services in the world, Storegate today release a unique app at Windows Phone Market. The app has been created to provide customers of Storegate with access to their digital information and services in the cloud regardless of which mobile device they are using.

    The design and user interface of the app follows the main guidelines of Windows Phone but with a unique Storegate identity. Besides storing, accessing and sharing digital information in the cloud, the app offers some new exciting features such as pinning the most frequently used folders and photo albums to the start menu.

    – It feels great to be one of the first storage providers to present an app on Windows Phone Market. It also gives our OEM customers an opportunity to be a front runner with their own fully branded Windows Phone app, says Matz Karlsson, CEO at Storegate.

    For more information, please contact:
    Matz Karlsson, CEO, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 703-20 14 01, matz.karlsson[at]

    Storegate welcomes Bengt Dahlgren AB as a new customer

  • Bengt Dahlgren AB was founded in 1952 and is a privately owned technical consultancy firm with a wide range of competencies and expertise that offers customer-oriented solutions throughout building and construction processes. It relies on Storegate to provide a simple, scalable file collaboration for in-house teams and subcontractors in construction projects.

    Stockholms Public Transport selects Storegate

  • SL, Stockholms Public Transport, selects Storegate to store and manage CAD files in the cloud for a large project which will be ongoing until the 1st of January 2016.

    The project members will use Storegate’s solution for storing and for sharing digital data among multiple users and groups. Members includes both externally and internally resources.
    The agreement covers the service ”Online File Server” which allows SL to administrate project members, set access levels and organize digital project information via laptops and apps for smartphones.

    Storegate takes TEO’s customers to the cloud

  • Storegate has signed an agreement to provide online backup and secure storage of digital information to all customers of the largest provider of integrated telecommunication, IT and TV services in Lithuania, TEO. The agreement includes apps for smartphones, as well as software storing customer data to the cloud and a full branded version of the Storegate service.

    At the time of launch, the customer base of TEO gets access to several new services and features. Some examples are an automated backup client which secures all the customers’ digital files to the cloud in real time and a user-friendly web interface to share and access stored information.

    – The choice of Storegate was based mainly on two facts; firstly, there are features in Storegates services that we as a leading-edge internet service provider want to offer our customers. Secondly, Storegate has shown that they are capable of delivering a flexible solution that is adaptable to TEO’s systems says Arūnas Venclovas, manager of IT Solutions unit of TEO.

    – TEO is a leading-edge player on the market and offers their customers the latest services in telecom. It feels tremendous and inspiring to become a part of their service and product offerings, says Matz Karlsson, CEO at Storegate.

    TEO has launched the service on the 1st of March 2012.

    For more information, please contact:
    Matz Karlsson, CEO, Storegate AB, +46 (0) 703-20 14 01, matz.karlsson[at]

    Storegate quoted in industry media

  • IDG, Sweden´s largest media house in IT, technology and business quotes Storegates CEO Matz Karlsson in their magazine Computer Sweden. Computer Sweden has examined the confidentiality and integrity aspects of various cloud services and what this means for the individual user.

    Learn more at (only in Swedish)